Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two girls walk into a cat show.

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right? No, it's what we did on Sunday. I noticed in the paper that the Catfederacy Cat Show was going to happen at the Gettysburg Middle School this past Sunday. This might not have been an item of interest to many of you, but you don't hang out with Atlee and Greeley. These two sometimes communicate to each other in some secret meow based language. Atlee brought her purse full of Webkinz cats. She's the Paris Hilton of Gettysburg.

Inside? There were cats. Lots and lots and lots of cats. This lady was nice enough to let us pet her cat.

Greeley did not believe her when she told us her cat wouldn't scratch. Greeley has been hanging out with Corwin, who is a proactive scratcher of toddlers.

The girls mentioned in the van that it was a little odd to not have Shea along for the ride. Where was Shea? Shea decided he would rather help clean out a barn in the rain with his father instead of going to the cat show.

Too bad for Shea because the Cat Show Attendees were rewarded with Giant Peanut Butter Cups after a stop at Kennie's to pick up eggs. Why eggs?

Because Amy invited us over to dye eggs again this year! Do you remember my take on this? When invited to dye eggs at a friend's house, the answer should be an immediate, "Yes please!"

Dyeing Easter eggs is one of Atlee's favorite activities.

She takes it seriously. So seriously she only did four eggs in the time every one else did twelve. Then she was kind of disappointed that she only did four. I see more Easter egg dyeing in our near future.

Trinity is always helping Greeley. Thanks Trinity!

Our friend, Carrie, was making Emerson laugh. As soon as I wandered over with the camera? Nothing. Just this look where he seems to think Carrie's insane. Not so, not so. He was totally digging on Carrie if the giggles were any indication.

Greeley's approach is more quantity than quality.

When we returned home, Atlee made a catnip toy for Corwin out of a baby sock. The man at the cat show who sold us the cat nip was kind enough to share with us how to make a good cat toy. Corwin approved of the new toy.

And then? Then it was time for bed.

Why yes, there is another bed located under that top bunk. But they don't actually use Greeley's bed for sleeping. They sleep together in "Atlee's bed". Every night is like a sleep over!

What? More Emerson?

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Sabrina said...

Awwwwwwwww How adorable are they :) I remember when your mom took me to my first dog show, I still lust after newfoundland's but it wasnt meant to be, instead Ive decided to raise chickens, Yes chickens, cause what else does one do when they already have 2 kittes,a crazed bassett hound, 2 rabbits and a pond full of fish : ) Please give Emerson a hug kiss and little squeeze from me because he is too darn cute!!

Anonymous said... Emerson fix. Thank you.

WOW - I can't believe that purse is getting miles already! Very cute and all mommy-like to go to a cat fair with the ladies. I don't blame Shea since when I give B an option to grocery shop with mommy or chain saw wood with daddy, I end up going alone.

spokeit said...

The Paris Hilton of Gettysburg! They're so cute!!

Monique said...

What a colorful bunch.
Lovely pictures and story, thanks!
By the way, I was very happy to see a picture of you, Susan, a couple of posts back.

Hope you'll get the weather we're having tomorrow. Man, it is unbelievable. We might just get an Easter weekend in which little girls can acutally wear their beautiful dresses outside!

Anti-Supermom said...

Your girls are looking busy!

Did I mention lately that I love your blog title, so I'm guessing 3 is not enough for a TLC show either ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post! You should totally do this epic, day-long thing more often! Right?! How about every day? Yeah. The girls are so sweet!

Wombat Central said...

First off, LOVE you blog's tagline! The sleepover is beyond adorable (and so are the kids).

I have adult friends who communicate to one another in cat meows. No joke. Maybe they could call your girls and chat sometime. ;)

Henry.and.Malcolm said...

We would like to see a picture of the clean barn, please!