Saturday, June 23, 2012

Romantic Liasons

Hanging in bed with Gree and Emerson talking about Petey coming home. Emerson says: "I like Petey. She's my girl." Gree says: "He's just saying that because they love each other."

Monday, June 11, 2012

Trip #2 to Rhode Island

June 10, 10:14pm
Just arrived. Didn't leave until 2; trying to avoid Cousin and his family because we carry stomach plagues. Plus pink eye! You can't imagine the glamour my life has held.

June 11, 2:30pm
At the beach! Wilson's a hot dog.

A & G got plenty of sunscreen. Swiped some on Em as he squirmed. Rich, Shea and I will be various levels of burned. Wilson's sleeping it off. Back at the house now.

Greeley's Daddy Day

Uncle Michael had to fill in for daddy at Greeley's pre-school because Daddy's out of state on a job. Since Uncle Michael is a notorious camera hound, he took lots of pictures.

There are three parts to this.

Part 1: Daddy Day Events

Miss K and Miss H set up a very cool event for Daddy (and Dude) Day at pre-school. They created an "Indiana Jones"-like obstacle course that we all had to go through, at the end of which we received a "treasure."

Ya gotta wash your hands when you get to pre-school!

Then later we were outside for our adventure course! There was a Raging River to cross and Lava Jets to jump over and then The Snake Pit! (seen here) You had to walk across a tight rope to make it to the other side.

Next came the deadly LION! You had to throw the bean bags through his mouth.

The last challenge was to swap out a bag of rocks for a bag of TREASURE on a scale.

Greeley tries to examine her treasure to see what's inside.

After it was all over, Gree went back to destroy
 the mushrooms that had grown up through the mulch of the playground.

Part II: Ghost Stories!!

After everyone had completed the course, Greeley and Uncle Michael had made up their own little game using some plastic rings from one of the tasks. After a while some boys from the class who were playing their own game came near where Gree was chasing some rings and they started talking. Soon Gree, the natural leader (princess? or tyrant?) was leading a meeting (or perhaps class).

Uncle Michael got closer to see what exactly Greeley was sharing with them and found that she was explaining how ghosts were real and her personal experiences with them. "Once, when I was in P's backyard, I felt something on my hand but no one was there!"

I love her demonstrative hands and relaxed squat.

The boys may seem skeptical but they were rapt - and had their own stories.

Look at the expression on her face - wise beyond her years. "I'm just tellin' ya what I know, boys."

Eventually, she got them all to sit down like proper students.

Part III: Waiting for a Ride

UM and Gree stayed late at pre-school to play outside and later had to text Mommy to come get them. They sat in the lobby of the Y and amused themselves.

 I find this picture amazing. I think it hints at what she's going to look like later in life while still capturing her round, baby-fat face. She has such beautiful hair (do you see those ringlets??) and eyes; if only her temperament were as lovely as her face. :)

This is a "gold" piece of "treasure" that Gree got for completing the obstacle course. (Gree was demonstrating how she can cross her eyes.)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Emmy Talking

I'm still fascinated with listening to Emerson talk, so I try to video tape him talking as much as possible.

Emmy at the table

Emmy out for pizza

What's the dog's name?

Emmy's New Truck

I've been trying to upload this video but it's not working. It might be that it's too big (it's 101MB); so I've put it in a document file and will just link it.

Emmy's New Truck

Random Picture Post

I have two drafts posts that I'm trying to upload videos to but Blogger is not being cooperative. Maybe I'll try to upload other videos instead. Maybe they're too big. But Blogger changed its processes recently and they kinda suck now.

Do YOU Have a Puddle Machine?

The ingenuity of the Gree

Monday, June 4, 2012

Distractions When There's No Daddy

Woo-hoo! I took 5 kids to BK to eat dinner and play. It was a good plan.