Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend Doings.

We started off the Easter Weekend with plans for The Third Annual Dying of Easter Eggs at Amy's House. But I needed a little something-something to put my in a happy place for the visit this year.

You know what puts me in a happy place? Spring cuppycakes.

Know why I needed that little extra something? Amy went and got herself a new pet. What's that you say? Gettysburg Mom- you love animals! What's the problem?

This was the problem:

You probably can't even tell. It's a tarantula. It's actually two baby tarantulas. Thank goodness I brought happy spring cuppycakes. And that my love for Amy is so strong it can even overcome our arachnid differences.

Rich helped Emerson with the egg dying.

Greeley-leopard loved every moment of it.

Emerson enjoyed the splashing part.

Atlee was very focused. She always ends up doing like four eggs compared to all of the other kids' dozen eggs because she is so particular about every step.

All the kids enjoyed it. Except Shea. He opted out.

In other news, Atlee lost her second front tooth on Saturday night.

Sunday morning brought baskets. Well, planters to be exact.

And rounding out this week's shots is an Emerson in a diaper. A diaper I duct taped onto him after the third time he removed it in five minutes.

Hope you all had chocolate bunny ears to eat!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

And yet, no picture of the boat.

Be thankful there are any pictures. I was knocked-out sick on Tuesday, and Rich got a hold of my camera. There was a knife involved. My camera made it through all right, but I decided I'd better change the batteries before he tried to replace them on his own again.

And then I told him that I thought I heard someone nosing around out by his boat and that distracted him for a few hours.

So, after I put the new batteries in the camera, I could take a look and see what pictures were snapped in the last few months. There were six. These five and an unflattering shot of Wilson.

First picture: Greeley smacking around a bunch of balloons with a broom stick. Mom said she's noticed that the pictures on my wall are always crooked. She's right.

Second picture: After we pulled down the crepe paper streamers from Atlee's surprise party, I wanted to share with all of you how I felt that Strawberry Shortcake and her gang had t.p.'d my living room.

Third picture: Atlee celebrated potato day at her school. That's what they called St. Patrick's Day. Each student had to bring in a potato and they measured and charted and did all manner of things scientific. We sent cupcakes for the green-taste testing portion of the day.

Fourth picture: Rich's fancy pants dinner prepared the night I was sick.

It did look pretty fancy pants.

Fifth picture: A new feature here at Gettysburg Family...

"What did Emerson destroy this week? "

This week was the crock pot. Although second place so far goes to him dumping a half a gallon of milk all over the dining room floor. Amateur mistake. I really and truly can't believe I actually left the milk down. Not like that matters. Since he can open doors. Any and all doors.