Monday, March 1, 2010

Even More Atlee Celebrations!!

I'm thinking that if you're using dial-up, you shouldn't bother. Because I've got lots and lots of Atlee birthday party pictures. I managed to pawn the camera off on Uncle Michael for a bit, so lots of cute pictures to boot.

Can we start with some behind the scenes info first though? Amy and I went to the United Way's Annual Purse Auction on Friday night. Did I mention that there were no children and there was a bar?
Anyhoo, if either of us looks a little green in any of the photos, that would be why. I suppose I shouldn't blame the auction. It was more likely the two bars we visited after the auction.

We also weren't thinking about the realty on Saturday of six shrieking six year old girls when feeling a little, um, under the weather. So, the first hour of the party was this roving pack of screeching girls and Amy and I cringing on the couch. Alas, no photos.

But then we rallied. And painted piggy banks. (Well, Amy rallied and painted piggy banks. I'm thankful she used to work with kids because she made it go all smooth-like. Thanks Amy!)

It's kind of hard to select which pictures to publish. I think I need to ask future birthday party attendees to sign internet blog release forms.

After the piggy banks, there were cupcakes. Cupcakes with even more sprinkles than the Wednesday cupcakes.

After cupcakes were presents. Each present that Atlee opened caused Greeley to ask, "Is that for me?" Um, no.

Rich's sister-in-law Bev held Mr. Emerson for a bit. He's probably wondering if the Barbie's for him too. (Thanks for coming up guys!)

Amy's daughter, Kaya, helped Atlee read a birthday card. I had Amy sign the blog release form when she was all intoxicated on Friday night. She may not remember, but I have it on file.

I've recently learned six year olds love to write each other cards. I think it's the whole just learned how to read and write thing.

Greeley survived the lack of presents since there were juice boxes and cupcakes. Oh yeah- and Uncle John gave her an Alvin and the Chipmunks CD. It's been playing pretty much non-stop since Saturday. Thanks John! (How do you convey sarcasm in writing again?)

And this is the purse nightlight that our friend, Holly, won as a door prize at the purse auction on Friday and generously gave to Atlee. Thanks again, Holly!!

And so ends the Atlee birthday celebration week. And so begins the countdown (14 shopping days remaining!) to my first birthday since I ALMOST DIED! Ship early and beat the rush!


Gettysburg Mom said...

Where's the comment love people? Do you know how sad 0 comments makes me?

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

You're such a whiner...

And is that snot on Greeley's face with the juice box? Nice touch.

Glad it went well despite the colds and gunk.

Gettysburg Mom said...

Tracey- Do I really seem like the type of woman that would just leave snot on her kid's face? Of course I do. But in this case it's a combination of paint from the piggy banks and cupcake chocolate.

Sabrina said...

Emerson is too cute : ) Love all the pictures,it looks like the kids have fun : ) If Shea is anything like Sinai he was hiding the whole time(except for pizza, Sinai comes out for pizza and choc cake). How are you feeling btw?

sheila said...

That juicebox pic is awesome! Glad it was a great time. Happy belated!

Monique said...

Love, love , love the photos. I meant to send that message in reply to your last note arleady. Just running late on everything these days.

I must tell you, I had never thought about the potential trickiness of posting photos of other people's children before. An interesting concept.

Please tell Atlee that the purse lamp is tramendous. I'll show Anna and Lexi next door becuase I know they will be awed by it!

speedymac77 said...

Comment comment comment - so demanding. You'd get an instant comment from me if it was just Em. I do enjoy each one of your children but something about babies!!

It looks like fun was had! Even if you were feeling a little Oscar-ish. ( I just made that up-can you tell??) Awesome idea to paint pigging banks!

Katrina said...

Hey sis, you are such a blast. Loved the cupcakes. Looks like the birthday was a success. Hope you have something planned for your birthday. Maybe a bath - alone and no housework for a day!!!! At least that sounds good to me. Great job with the pictures. So I am sending a "early" birthday wish, just in case I get too busy. Love you sis!!! Katrina

Amy said...

mHey...thanks for the shout out! Love the pics, but I was there, so....and your comments are always entertaining. I do want to see that release form that I 'signed' and any other documentation you may have bamboozled me into 'signing'!! You tricky woman you.

michael in dc said...

Now that the Oscars has been on, I'm thinking Greeley's face paint was a tribute to Avatar. :)

Henry.and.Malcolm said...

Happy Birthday to yous! We thought Atlee's party was end of MARCH not end of FEBRUARY! Heck! We could'a made it after all! We were free on the first! Not on the 14th though, as you saw, GMom. How cool is it to be born on the 14th of March, eh? Pretty cool, huh? (Oh, we loved the Emerson in ears and toes pix and the Emerson goes for walks in sling comfort one too and Greeley and Atlee in their nightcaps. Oh and Atlee as Gollum in her family birthday pix too. Oh and...well, maybe we should just say we liked the pix!)