Friday, December 11, 2009

Did I mention hospital food sucks?

Look at that baby up there. A tummy full of formula, no doubt. It was one of many pictures that was taken while I was gone last week. For those of you not aware, I went to see the doctor last Tuesday for a pain in my back. I though I had pulled a muscle. He said it was pleurisy. He ordered a chest x-ray. By the end of the evening, I was admitted to the hospital for multiple blood clots, including the special ones in my lungs that were so special they get to be called pulmonary embolisms.

So, I got to hang in the hospital for five nights. It turns out it was a pretty good plan for losing most of the baby weight. While I was in the hospital, pumping breast milk non-stop, Emerson was happily enjoying bottle after bottle of formula. We've put a stop to that nasty habit now that I'm home.

So, I'm back. Please forgive me for not commenting, or even lurking as often as usual. But if I'm suddenly well enough to spend my days on the computer, Rich might think I'm well enough to do dishes. Gasp!!