Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Parenting Tip #283

Parenting is a learn as you go proposition. But I think I'm getting smarter about some things. So, when a really good friend says, "Hey, do you want to bring the kids over on Sunday to color eggs?" I'm quick to say, "Absolutely! What time?"

All the fun of coloring Easter eggs. All of the mess of coloring Easter eggs.

At someone else's house.

You might want to practice saying it a few times. "Absolutely! What time?" You want to be prepared if you are asked such a question.

The pictures are all Atlee because Shea colored one egg and Greeley colored one egg. Which worked out OK because that left plenty of eggs for Atlee to color.

Any suggestions for things to do with hard boiled eggs other than egg salad or deviled eggs?


Patioboater said...

Do you have a little egg-slicer? Ours is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.

I don't have a good suggestion for you, really. (Um, slice 'em up and put them on a pizza?) I just like advocating egg slicers!

michael in dc said...

I like Atlee's concentrated face in picture four.

What's with the tube in picture three?

In the second picture, I thought that was a cut on Atlee's forehead. (The orange was iodine or something, in my mind.) In a later picture, she has some next to her nose, too. I'm assuming that's coloring stuff?

Gettysburg Mom said...

The tube was a funky thing Amy got where you put all the dye on the blue squishy mat and put the mat into the plastic tube and slid the egg through the tube. It was supposed to result in a tie-dye look and actually worked pretty well.

AdkJen said...

You can wrap ground sausage around the hard boiled egg and then fry it! It's big in England and the Philippines... lol
How about making pickled eggs? You can put it in your pantry next to the pickled trotters! They'll most likely keep each other company for eternity...

Anonymous said...

sausage wrapped hard boiled eggs - sounds yummy!

Tip accepted and filed for future use!

sheila said...

We chop it up as toppings for regular old salad. Gosh, I don't know, what else is there to do with HB eggs? lol

Small Pines said...

Atlee is quickly positioning herself as the front-runner for "artistic child." Hmm. I see Humanities and Liberal Arts degrees in your future.