Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter: Part One

Whew! That was some weekend, eh? So very many pictures that I'm not going to post them all in one big ole swoop. Why so many pictures? Because I've recently remembered how to push the little button on my camera.

Greeley perhaps thinks I take too many shots.

But how else do you capture the Greeley meltdown?

Do you feel the heat of the toddler anger? Can you warm your paws by it?

Then she got over it so we could go to Story Time at our library.

(I forgot to get pictures of the exterior of our library for you non local folks. I might try on this Thursday because it's worth a snapshot. It's the old post office and it's a beauty. Or you could just click on that link up there.)

Greeley and I have been hitting up the Thursday story time since we discovered it a few weeks ago. Truthfully, Greeley sits patiently through the stories and the songs. She's OK with them, but that's not the real draw for her. The real action happens when we get down to project time.

During project time she gets to use markers, and scissors and glue. We're the last people to leave the story time room every week. She savors every stroke of her coloring time.

And then when she's done? Really, really cute projects. See? It's an Easter Bunny Basket out of a paper bag. Miss Nancy (dear God, I hope that's her name, because that's what we've been calling her for three weeks now.) supplied some Easter grass, and chocolate eggs and shocking pink peeps.

After project time, we have to stick around for the puzzle table, another Greeley favorite. Our parking meters in town will only hold enough money for two hours worth of time. I max them out every week and then worry about tickets.

All of the big kids were off school on Friday. They were all out in the drive way using the side walk chalk, and I hoped to capture a few shots of them unawares. Greeley spotted me though, and alerted them to my presence.

Once aware of my presence with a camera, it was only natural that the big brother bunny ears came out.

And this brings us to our intermission. Grab a drink and a snack, use the potty and come on back for the next thrilling installment of our Easter miniseries.


Gettysburg Mom said...

See if you all get two posts in one day again!

ADKMac said...

oh, GM - We were all in disbelief that you actually came through on a blog-promise! :) How do we comment twice in one day??

Brigitte said...

Story and coloring/cutting/glueing time at the library, now that's entertainment!
Wonderful photography!