Sunday, January 24, 2010

In Six Weeks...

...she'll be able to wear all those earrings you all are going to mail for her birthday in four and a half weeks. For the record, she told me it was kind of like having a baby- only after the pain, instead of a baby she got earrings.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I remember when I only used to find cats hanging out in the clean laundry. At least he has less fur.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Side Effects.

I think this is a result of being a 4th grader in Gettysburg.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

That was a week?

The last week went flying by. In the last week:

Sleeping Beauty moved into our house. Sleeping Beauty gets outraged if you dare to call her Greeley.

Sometimes she really is Sleeping Beauty. If Sleeping Beauty were to pass out with a death clutch on her lolly pop.

Perhaps you're wondering what Atlee's been up to? Working in the kitchen. Yes, she knows how to use a sharp knife to help prep for dinner. No, she does not know how to use a wash cloth to wipe the hot cocoa off her face.

Emerson doesn't work.

He mostly supervises.

Now then. I need to go undecorate that Christmas tree before it's February.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Greeley Sings You A Song.

The lyrics are a bit limited, but certainly heartfelt.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Did You Hear I Almost Died?

My friend, Amy, says I should repeat that phrase a lot (read: milk it) now while I can- because in just weeks Rich is likely to say in response, "That was last month. Now, go do the dishes or laundry or something."

So, instead of laundry, I decided to post some of the pictures my brother-in-law, Michael, took last month. Luckily for us, Michael had come to help when Emerson was born. Thank God he was here when I ALMOST DIED because if it had just been Rich, I might have come home from the hospital to just three kids. So thank you again Michael for helping with four children and taking great pictures of them all!

Now then- those photos. They're in kind of backwards order because I forgot (it's been so long since I posted!) you have to load them all wacky backwards like on Blogger.

Forward ho!

Sleeping Emerson picture. Why 90% of you are here.

Nursing Emerson picture. Take that Facebook.

Atlee harvested her second crop of hair for Locks of Love.

My younger sister, Jamie, and I hung out and nursed babies. Those Magee girls are crazy, yo. See my recliner? I lived in it for two months.

Atlee enjoyed some ice cream with a snow leopard-while wearing tiger ears, and a leopard jacket .

We had breakfast with Santa. (All you can eat bacon!) Greeley was not down with sitting in Santa's lap, so no picture of that.

Greeley wiped out twice in one week resulting in a lovely fat lip. No, really- She walked into a door- or a dock.

Handsome Corwin kitty hanging in the girls' bed.

Rich managed to keep Stu the Rabbit (nee Fuzzy) alive while I was hospitalized. That's four kids, two cats and one rabbit.

And the girls slept together.

Stay tuned. Michael took lots of photos while I was ALMOST DYING.