Monday, September 28, 2009

An Overdue Treehouse Update.

Rich did some more work on the tree house a few weeks ago. Which means starting a few weeks ago, he started nagging me to update the tree house picture. Nagging and nagging and nagging. So, to bring some peace and quiet to our little abode...

The kids do enjoy it. Except a few weeks ago when Atlee, Kaya and Trinity were all up there and a bee!!!! flew near them. I'm pretty sure the neighbors on the other side of the development thought we were slaughtering children here that day.

While I'm at it, I just took this one this morning:

Shea's home sick from school with a fever and Rich put him to work helping to install a new bathroom door upstairs. The amazing part of this picture? That Shea is both smiling (sort of) and waving at the camera.

I'm off to enjoy the new found peace and quiet around here.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Heritage Festival

Some of you may know this, and some of you may not, but I'm not generally a happy, glowing type of pregnant woman. Adjectives like cranky and fussy are perhaps a bit more apt. So, I decided to push my patience to the limit and take three kids to the Heritage Festival.

We've always enjoyed the Heritage Festival. Although, my kids are not the kind to try new foods. They have no interest in the Jamaican, Hispanic or Asian offerings. They are down with the ice cream truck though.

So, we got ice cream. And we settled in under a tree in the shade to enjoy it. Atlee noticed the tree we were sitting under was not the same type of tree as we had sat under for hot dogs and soda. (Worldly palates, no?)

Before, we go further remember adjectives that describe me lately are fussy and cranky. And perhaps sarcastic. Anywho, a gentleman overheard Atlee commenting on how the tree was different. And he looked at me and said in a rather patronizing tone, "It's a cedar tree." And I looked at him, snapped somewhere inside and responded in an equally patronizing tone, "Yes, it is. And the Latin name, if I recall correctly is Thuja occidentalis."

The lesson? Don't try to school a fussy, pregnant woman on trees when her father's a forester and she lived with an environmental science major for six years.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Haiku Battles.

For those of you not paying attention, there is a haiku throw-down going on. A battle of breeds on Patio Boater's site that has been wondrously entertaining. As I have no canine of my own, I offer up a few Gettysburg Family animal haikus.

In the realm of rabbits, I offer:

Acorn the Rabbit,
Lives caged on Atlee's dresser.
Vicious teeth that bite.

In the realm of cats, I offer:

Corwin chases Zoe.
Zoe hisses her response,
wishes he was gone.

The beagle haiku market has been pretty soundly cornered. It looks like the black lab haiku market is rapidly shrinking. I've got high hopes for the dual rabbit and feline markets. Now go look at Patio Boater's last several posts, including comments.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Technology makes me even lazier.

Any of you ladies who have been pregnant may remember the last two months. The last two months where time slows down until it seems to stop. And the nesting urge? I don't know where it went, but it's not around here. So, I've been slacking on taking pictures. And we all know I've been slacking on posting pictures. But then my brother-in-law posted this on Facebook, and I could just steal it and post it. Wohoo!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Last Days of Summer Videos.

Eh. This wasn't how I meant to load the videos, but it takes so stinking long to load a video, I'm not redoing it. Suffer through the side by side presentation.

The first video is an abrupt cut of Atlee singing to Greeley on the back deck. It just offers an opportunity to 1- see how well the girls hang out together and 2- admire my outside table and chairs. I love my outside table and chairs, and will miss eating out there this winter. When kids spill crumbs on the deck, the squirrels clean them up. There don't seem to be any squirrels in the dining room.

The second video is just one of those things I never thought I'd see. I went to the grocery store and came home to this action in the front yard. I suspected at first that Rich bribed him some how with offers of a new DS game or some such, but that wasn't the case.

And no, I won't change my header quite yet. I don't want to admit summer is gone, even though the kids are in school and all. Summer goes until at least Labor Day Weekend, right?