Sunday, March 28, 2010

Minestrone Soup.

Should I just apologize now to anyone who came here looking for an honest to god soup recipe? Because I don't have that. I do have a bunch of pictures with no particular theme. Kind of like when you clean out the refrigerator and make minestrone soup. See? See how that happened?

Moving on then.

Atlee brought home zebra and lion masks last week. A big hit.

Zebras sometimes grow weary of the watering hole and drink soda.

Perhaps they're actually scared of the watering hole because there are lions.

Although, it looks like zebra thinks the lion's a little crazy or something.

We went to a baby shower for our neighbor yesterday. It was a beautiful event. And another opportunity to wear matching sundresses. Only one picture though because neighbor Erica hasn't signed the blog release form for her daughter Petey and all the other pictures had neighbor Petey in them.

Want to see matching sundresses at your house in Gettysburg? You'll need to invite us to a party. (My husband tells me I'm shameless.)

In other Gettysburg Family news, the Webkinz population is exploding. They're worse than the pennies in the bottom of a purse.That's my perspective though. Atlee's thrilled with their rapid population increase.

Greeley took this picture. She's getting better and better. I'm not sure what to think when my two year old gets better pictures than I do.

Then Atlee took a turn with the camera. More Webkinz.

Finishing up with an Atlee photo of her artwork in the upstairs hallway.

See? Minestrone.


Henry.and.Malcolm said...

We like soup!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

YUMMY. Want to eat that baby, especially...

michael in dc said...

Hey, are those NEW GLASSES? You look like a blogger now! You're a digi-mom! :)

LOVE the picture of Gree in her dress.