Thursday, May 24, 2012

Emmy on A Walk

I think he's being a dog but there might be a "Tweet! Tweet!" in there.


The flower garden is full and alive again!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Texting with Uncle Michael

When responding to Uncle Michael's texts, Em got out of sight and around the corner. I followed and found he'd turned the hose on. I naturally got soaked while turning it off - partially because the knob came off in my hand. My life is a flipping sit-com.

Preparing for Rhode Island (5/09)

My horoscope this morning: Your goals are doable. What you want is very much in line with all that is possible for you. Still, you need to streamline your efforts. Cut out the fat. Make every attempt to be lean and mean in your approach. :)

Omg. Em's is all about getting back that power that is rightfully his.

Shea Enters Adulthood Through His Feet

We had to get Shea men's shoes the other day and we discussed that he can't have straps anymore. He has to learn to tie his shoes. In the 7th grade!!

Velcro will certainly be listed amongst reasons the American empire fell. That and Comcast.

On Target

Did I tell you about Emerson at Target? I saw him doing "something" and asked if he was saying hi to that woman. He said no. Throwing boogers at her. And she heard him and busted up laughing.