Monday, May 9, 2011

Wait. The drums stopped.

Alternate Title: It's quiet. Too quiet.

Emerson is on the move. Not sorta kinda. I'm looking into whether or not our insurance company's natural disasters division offers some sort of Emerson insurance.

"Hey Shea! Guess what Emerson broke today!"

"What mom?"

"The computer monitor. It's OK though. We still have the one from 1984 that was probably hooked up to a Commodore 64. It's all good."

Shea's reaction:

(What Shea's reaction would actually be: "1984? Wasn't that when the dinosaurs roamed the earth?")

And this one is a reminder to myself why I'm head over heels for this destructive fellow. Even if he does break crock pots and computer monitors.

And this? This is the video of when I actually wanted and encouraged him to walk on his own. What the hell was I thinking way back when in December?