Monday, March 22, 2010

Why, hello there Spring!

We had two different play dates this beautiful sunny weekend and I remembered the camera for both- so grab a drink and settle into a comfie chair. We have lots and lots and lots of pictures. Not necessarily good pictures, but lots of pictures nonetheless.

Play Date 1:
Sharon was kind enough to host an Open House this weekend to celebrate the first day of spring. Those of you on Facebook may recall a few weeks ago when I mentioned I had purchased matching dresses for Atlee and Greeley. A spring party was the perfect occasion for them to wear them.

Wait. Where's Greeley?

Oh. There she is.

Apparently, Greeley and Atlee thought a sunny day was perfect for rolling around on the ground in last year's leaves. I think I managed to keep the crying down to a dull whimper.

Emerson did a little crowd surfing. Our friend, Tom, wanted to be the first to give him "horns" in a picture. And so he was.

Our friend, Allison, looks kind of snarly here. I think she thought I was going to rip my baby out of her arms. I might have been thinking about it. You'd think by the fourth you'd just be grateful for a break. Instead I want to hog him more and more.

Play Date 2:
Our friend, Branden, invited us to a little cook-out at his Mom's house. Beautiful weather for a second day! Branden's mom has the greatest collection of ride-on toys my kids have ever seen.

What goes better with a John Deere tractor than a pink sparkle skirt or silver sparkle shoes? Nothing, that's what.

Greeley was a little big for this one, but she wouldn't admit it.

My friend, Amy, was there and managed to capture Greeley for a hug.

Shea was having a James Cameron "King of the World" moment.

One of the most awesome features about Branden's Mom's house? A pond. With fish. Do you remember when the Gettysburg Family kids went fishing last time? (Remember? I told the vegan girlfriend in NY about Atlee clubbing a fish to death because I have NO filter? Story here.) This is where they went fishing last time. I'm pretty sure it's the only pond in Adams County.

Thank goodness they didn't catch anything up there. Otherwise, I might be forced to cook a fish. Blech. What's that? More Greeley with the blue eyes. Sure!

Hope you also had great weather this weekend. Although, I'm pretty sure those of you in Chicago and Detroit didn't, at least you know we enjoyed it enough for all of us!


Hi, I'm Natalie. said...

Oh, pretty!

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your beautiful family! Greeley's eyes are remarkable! A little disappointed with the lack of Em, but you spoiled me. Rich is going to have to get a 4-wheeler for Shea - he's just too happy on it to live without it anylonger.

Brigitte said...

Out of dry leaves two gorgeous fairies in beautiful spring dresses. Love those girls!

Monique said...

Holy cow, those little girls of your in those adorable pink flowery dresses are just to die for cute. And the picture of Shea looking truly happy on that 4-wheeler is so really nice too, not as cute but great to see.


MichelleD-P said...

Comment 1) The boardwalk pictures are great!

Comment 2) What is it with guys and horns on pictures anyway?

Comment 3) Shea on the fourwheeler gave me the chills : Max still has a scar from a fourwheel accident he had in the Ozarks when he was ten... What is it with boys and fourwhellers anyway?

sheila said...

Oh how sweet! Beautiful dresses, I loved the pics of the girls dressed up on the John Deere. lol. Lovely pics!

WhisperingWriter said...

Really cute pictures!

Curiosity said...

So cute! Love the artistic fence shots (and the horns. Gotta love the horns).