Friday, April 27, 2012

Family Drama

Gree is having a bad day. Her horoscope probably says something about being moody and mean to your loved ones...Wait. That's Rich's too!! D'oh.

To be fair, Rich makes fewer indignant hmph noises while flouncing about my living room in a pony sleeping bag. Barely.

Next Day

Uncle Michael asks: How's Gree doing today?

Fighting with [her best friend], so...normal.

Gree @ Mickey D's

Gree's school today is walking to rec park and THEN TO MCDONALDS FOR SNACK!!!!!!!

I have to pick her up at McDonalds. Which means I now have to budget in an emmy meal. He's telling me it's time to go now.

Mommy. Come. Mommy come McDonalds. Please.

[Uncle Michael asks: Can't you just blindfold him?]

He heard the discussions and knows what's going down. The downside of have is smart kids, you see. They're smart.

Or McDonalds is kid crack. Whatever.

Like your link! "When Kids Make Us Look Bad: My McDonald's Moment"

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little Adventurer

The new thing is Em yells "go back in time!" and runs into the hall closet.
Closes the door.
Comes out shortly saying "back in time."

Work It OUT!

Susan read something online that spurred her to want to lose some weight.

11:40am 70 sit-ups done. Shoo, 15lbs, shoo.

11:51am I'm trying to get in the habit of doing them 3xs a day. And drinking water. I suck at drinking water. And banana chips are not the same as swedish fish. :)

2:53pm Chocolate chips cookies not helping the cause.

[Uncle Michael says: BBQ chips and Suzy Qs here.]

8:31pm 25 more situps and [a good walk] here. And a theory that cookie dough has no calories until it's cooked - so this afternoon wasn't too bad.

9:10pm Google ideal weight for 6' - weight watchers has a range of 147 to 184. That's some range.

[Uncle Michael says: I'm not even 6'. That's depressing.]

9:15pm Have you tried lifts in your shoes?

Next Day

90 situps.

[Uncle Michael says: How do you have time to do these? Is em watching TV?]

[Uncle Michael says: You should do them with Shea in the evening.]

He [Shea] did the other day. He does them twice as fast. Yes - sit ups happen because of mickey mouse clubhouse. I pay shea to watch em at night so I can walk wilson.

[Originally posted April 26]

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Strawberry Suicide

A friend recently brought her strawberry plants to Uncle Michael's house. He texted to say it was too bad we didn't live closer because he knew how much the girls loved strawberries.

Susan replied: Atlee would eat them and then pet the plants to death. It's probably good we're not closer.

Uncle Michael said: "Doesn't she know you're supposed to pet the animals and water the plants? She's not going to be a very good farmer if that's the case."

Susan: Details, details.

Monday, April 16, 2012


I know I'm here day in and day out but ever now and then I realize how big they are and just how fast it all goes. The little old ladies in the supermarket warned me and it still catches me by surprise.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Birthday Drama

Emily's bday next door: bounce house and face painting. Kids all falling over from bliss like those fainting goats.

I was asking Shea whether the package I had put together for Emily would appeal to an 8 year old girl. Shea says, "Well, Mom - I don't really know. I am not an 8 year old girl. Never was. You were. What do you think?"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last August Under the Mister

Recent Texts From Susan

March 30: Switching from high fructose corn syrup gum drops to dried fruit. It's a step.

April 1: My house is pretty darned clean. Even my laundry room, which is sporting a brand new-to-me freezer.
April 1: It won't stay clean, but it is for now. Freezer was a gift from [family friend]. Soon to be filled with local farm pig.

April 3: Swedish fish: sirens of the bulk section - calling to me....

April 4: If I shake my pedometer I can make it think I'm exercising and earn my 10,000 step rewards faster. What? Not what Aunt Mary had in mind?
[I wrote back that I had had similar thoughts, specifically about attaching it to my "jiggly" leg while I watched TV.]
Susan: I think jiggling leg is exercise. As long as you're moving, right?
[I told her there have been articles saying that fidgeters lose weight - that's me!]
Susan: My arm's tired. It's kind of too much work.
[I said "Why don't you give it to Emerson and let him shake it up?"]
I didn't say I wanted it broken. What are the rewards and how many 10,000's of steps involved to redeem?
[My understanding was that after 10,000 steps you could get something like a $25 gift card from Amazon.]
62.5 days of reaching 10,000 steps will get you a $10 target card.
["Ten thousand steps every day for 62 days??!"]
Uh hunh. I'm tired thinking about it.

April 10: Hmmm. I seem to have misplaced a check for $160. Upsetting.
April 10: Found the check in the couch when Em tore it apart!!

- Uncle Michael