Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Post With No Dog Pictures.

Do you know why it's a post with no dog pictures? Because I don't have a dog, that's why.

I do have a Greeley though. And she has Atlee's fake hamster. Er, zhu zhu pet.

Atlee loves this one that she got for her birthday (thanks Gene and Bev!) so very, very much that she cashed in a little Christmas money to buy two more. That was money that she's been saving for her half of a mother-daughter pedicure. Which makes zhu zhu pets better than pedicures in her world. That's a big compliment to zhu zhu pets. If I had a dog, it would eat the zhu zhu pets.

To keep up with the recent demand of Emerson snap shots, I recently tried outsourcing the work to Greeley. It wasn't so successful.

I'm probably longing for a dog a bit more because of all the beautiful weather we had recently. So beautiful the kids and I were going for walks in the neighborhood. And our neighborhood is just meant for walking dogs. I make do with kids though.

I don't need to tell you Emerson doesn't actually walk on these walks, right? He travels in sling comfort.

Completely unrelated (because that's how I blog, yo) I made these rolls yesterday. They were yummy.

I got the chance to make those rolls up there because Emerson did this:

For three hours! That's because I decided to start him on rice cereal and breast milk. He's in a food coma up there.

More Emerson. I asked Rich for a dog for my birthday. This dog. He said no.

Since it doesn't look like I'll be taking any pictures of MY dog anytime soon, you can enjoy this shot Greeley took of her piggy bank instead.


Patioboater said...

For God's sake, Rich, get her a dog or she'll start bringing home stray children!

Monique said...

My advice on dogs, wait until after mud season to get a dog.

Susan, I am thrilled to see all this blogging activity and to know that it just must mean that you, my dear, are feeling better!!

Enjoy the lengthening days and the warming weather.

michael in dc said...

What's up with the risque photos of piggy banks? What are you TEACHING THOSE CHILDREN?!?! :)

Those rolls look damn good.

I kind of like that sweater the kid's got on, even though it seems a bit much for a 4.5-month-old.

I like the idea of walking around the block with a princess. (She's so awesome because she MATCHES!!)(winter cap and dress)

Funny/cruel idea: I'm going to suggest to Rich that he get you a Webkinz dog. HA HA ha ha ha ha ha ha! :)

Anonymous said...

1. That sweater is pretty fancy for a baby. I don't have a sweater that fancy, and I'm 42-times his age.

2. I thought the rolls were under a blanket, and I was looking for an explanation of why there would be rolls under a blanket.

Gettysburg Mom said...

So much interest in one sweater. I think it came from the SpeedyMac "just add baby boy" collection.

The rolls are under a kitchen towel my neighbors got us when they were in Italy.

And Princesses don't walk. They cruise in strollers issuing orders about which direction to go and whether or not the weather is acceptable or not.

Rich says maybe some day I can have a dog. Some far, far, far distant day.

snason said...

That's a nice-looking dog in the shelter. But if you get a dog, you won't want your time-share dog to visit any more. I don't like that.

Gettysburg Mom said...

Isn't that a nice looking dog? I thought so too. Looked like the kind of dog that would do quite well in our family. Since I can't have her, one of you local lurkers should go scoop her up.

Anti-Supermom said...

Yummy, those rolls look delicious and BTW so do the kiddos, especially the little one (not in a weird witch way though ;))

Good luck with the dog.

And thanks for dropping in, delurking and saying 'hi' - it was the highlight of my morning.

Anonymous said...

That sweater was part of the "add a boy" kit I issued. I bet I could find pics of my kid in your kids' clothing.

Wait til he grows into some of the other clothing - you could do a whole fashion show via blog!!

Elizabeth said...

Winston Pendelton said "The best way to get a puppy is to beg for a baby brother - and they'll settle for a puppy every time." ...Though this doesn't seem to have worked so far, and Emerson's already there....

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Did you cut her hair?

Emerson keeps getting cuter each time we see him! And isn't it great when the baby can't move so you can have him nap next to a bucket full of choking hazards and not even have to worry?? I miss those days... :)

Katrina said...

Hi. Got your card today, thanks!! I was very happy to send you something "special" you deserve it. Love the pictures (as usual). Hope you have a very Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!!!

Maurina said...

Oh dear. My 6 yr old has an zhuzhu obsession. And here's the problem: We have a dog. THAT SHEDS ALL OVER THE HOUSE. And the dog hair gets caught in the little zhuzhu wheels, and then I spend hours pulling individual dog hairs out of the inner workings of the fake hamster.

So you know what? Ya can't win for losing.

Although when I think about that particular phrase, I still dont' quite get it....