Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Visitors

With the new flowering plants near the door (a gift from neighbor Mary that we don't know the name for), we've had a new set of visitors right at the door. Shea is not appreciative.

The plant might be Obedient Plant, otherwise known as Physostegia Virginiana.

Garden Photos

These pictures are from August 31st.

The Garden Transitions Into Fall

 Uncle Michael rolled the biggest pumpkin so it could get some sunlight on its bottom.

Pumpkin 2 still looks wonderfully flush. Uncle Michael is pretty sure he accidentally detached one of them when he twisted it to get even sun.

The tomato plants are still bearing fruit, even though they collapsed under their own weight.

Once the corn lost its fruit, they quickly died.

This tomato was a little rotten, so it got thrown back in the garden for fertilizer.

As did these two.

As you can see, the vines are starting to die.
Tomatoes still growing on the vine.

Some of them aren't even ripe yet (although that red one looks lovely).