Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gettysburg Kids Go Fishing

I will warn you a fish was harmed in the publishing of this post. There are no photos recording the deed, but if you're squeamish you may want to move along. Nothing to see here. That is more of a warning than I gave my girlfriend, Michele, last week. Gettysburg Family's kids went fishing. I know they had fun because it even held their attention for almost a whole hour.

Atlee has been out and out begging to go fishing. She wanted to catch a fish, and (ahem)," cut it's head and tail off and cook it in a pan for dinner." Her words, not mine.

They did catch a fish. And my little girl clubbed it with a paddle. She eagerly watched as it was cleaned. Atlee's not squeamish. There are no pictures because I couldn't look at any of it.

Not only am I squeamish...I'm sometimes not so bright. Remember my friend Michele up above? The friend up North that I don't get to talk to very often? I'm in the midst of telling this story to her- right around the part where Atlee clubs the fish- and a distant warning bell began to ring in the back of my noggin. It gets louder and louder until it screams at me, "WHY WOULD YOU TELL MICHELE THIS STORY?? DID YOU FORGET SHE HAS BEEN A VEGAN FOR LIKE THE LAST DECADE???!!! THIS IS A PERSON WHO DOESN'T EAT CHEESE AND YOU'RE TELLING HER ABOUT THE FOUR YEAR OLD WHO CLUBBED A FISH TO DEATH?" Yes, my brain does communicate in all capital letters when it's amazed at my social ineptness. So, um, sorry Michele. I will make sure to omit any discussion of our visit to a slaughterhouse next week. You will get full details on Farmer's Market expeditions.

This is just a happy picture. A picture of a smiling, happy baby. A happy picture of a baby who hasn't made her first kill. Yet.


City Mouse said...

That baby looks tough. I think she's got the look in her eye. Takes after the older one, I guess. =)

Pretty pictures, all that death aside. That looks like a neat pond.

Betsy said...

"... hasn't made her first kill. Yet.'

ha! You made me laugh today!!!

michael in dc said...

Where was that? McGonicle's Pool? It looks like it. (Spelling is probably wrong; check with Dr. S)

the picture of Shea with the fishing pole needs to have the music from the Andy Griffith Show playing over it.