Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You know the witch from Hansel and Gretel?.

So, I went to transfer the photos from the camera and this is what I found.

The homemade granola bars I made two days ago.

A snapshot of the quiche from that same night. I know, I know. Saddest, sorriest pie crust ever. My mother and brother are no doubt ducking their heads and pretending to not be related to anyone who produces such a sorry, raggedy looking pie crust.

Moving on, we find more bagels. I figured out how to add dried cranberries to them. Yum.

And I tried to add garlic, but it didn't work so well. Whatever, they were for Rich anyway.

And twelve more plain bagels for my oldest ray of sunshine.

I've been sort of wondering why the baby weight isn't just melting off this time. Looking at the selection of pictures up there, I'd say the cause might be the increase in baked goods around here. But, come on, I clearly have to keep up with Patio Boat- sibling rivalry and all. And he's making beurre au citron .

But, do you know what's calorie free to gnosh on? That's right, Emerson.

Wait. It's kind of blurry.

Ah- that's better. Even an almost smile.

And then it's gone.

What about Emerson with a beurre au citron?


Monique said...

What's with all the wonderful food on blogs these days? I'm having a hard enough time taking off the winter pounds while John takes on the task of mastering sauces... Must you add to the difficulty with photos of quiche, bagles, home made granola, and irrisistible baby?


Those pictures of Emerson are wonderful. I must say though, he looks as if he might be ease to pick out in any future rounds of Name-that-Offspring!

Wombat Central said...

MMMMMM! Any chance you'd share the homemade granola bar recipe? :)

Monique said...

You're note on John's blog reminded me to come back and click a bit. The ad opportunity on your blog today was, Crate & Barrel, "The Complete Kitchen," nice.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

YUM! We made bagels for the first time this week and they were so good! What's your recipe?a

Gettysburg Mom said...

Because I cook off the internet, they are not my specially guarded recipes...


Only I ran out of honey and substituted with some of the corn syrup my mom left here the last time she made a pecan pie. Because corn syrup is yummy. Bad for you, but yummy. I used a mix of a chopped up Easter bunny and leftover butterscotch chips for the chips part of it.


Because I'm a simple woman. I doubled it this time because if I'm going through all the hassle of boiling bagels, I'm only doing it once every two weeks. I'm simple and lazy! What recipe do you use?

Brooke Trout said...

Yum! Send some my way.
And so much hair on your little Emerson (I love that name by the way)!

michael in dc said...

Those couple of strings of hair on E's forehead make him look like a product of the 50's; like a Sha Na Na heartthrob. :)

lisa said...

babies and food....what could be better than that? i love your posts!

Barkles said...

Hungry. Please send bagels.
I'll trade you Tim Hortons donuts?

sheila said...

YUM! I've never attempted any of those goodies! And my gosh, your kids are soooo cute!