Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.

Did you say it in that voice? The rumbly monster truck coming to your local arena voice? I did.

In no particular order, I give you the Gettysburg Family Experience.

Let's kick things off with some baby toes, shall we? They're bears? They're dogs? I don't know. I do know this suit was originally Atlee's and each child gets stuffed into it so that I can nibble on those little critters.

In other news, Gettysburg area residents should be cautious. Our bathroom was apparently tagged with graffiti some time on Saturday. The vandal used Greeley's Easter present-bathtub crayons. (2 T's on Hott because I'm so trendy. Er, the vandal is so trendy. If trendy is what was cool three years ago.)

The girls and I needed to make some gifts Sunday morning. So, we got busy. Newspaper, paints? It must be time for pig painting! Woo hoo!

Rats. Atlee's eyes are closed. Let's try that again.

Oh, nevermind. Her eyes are always closed in these pictures. That's how you know you're looking at a candid shot, and not a staged picture. Keepin' it real just for you. Do you feel the love?

And here are the pigs. Wait, wait, wait. If you are my DooceCommunity Culture Exchange partner (CrisLawson, you know who you are.) stop reading now.

Is she gone? So, the pig on the left is for Ava, my younger sister's daughter. Greeley painted it. The pig in the middle I painted for my Dooce PenPal. And the pig on the right, Atlee painted for our neighbor across the street's soon to be baby.

Is Cris still gone? Whew. I also baked cookies. Some for her and some to bring on our picnic to my sister's house.

It's OK Cris. You can come back now. What was Emerson up to all this time? While most of you are probably guessing eating, you'd be mistaken. He was actually napping. Napping al fresco in his swing.

Rich watched to see if he could pick up any tips on the proper way to take a nap. Emerson is a napping professional after all.

Atlee harvested some dandelions to bring to neighbor Angela along with the piggy bank. Anybody else give up trying to explain to their kids that not everybody thinks dandelions are the most beautiful flowers in the world?

Onto the picnic. Jamie lives about half an hour away- and yesterday was a beautiful day for the drive. I may have to visit her more often too. The Gettysburg Family has recently stopped shopping at Wal-Mart for a few different reasons. (Although, I'm sure Google will feel the need to plop an ad for Wal-Mart on my page now.) Jamie lives just blocks from the nearest Target!! Visit sister- shop at Target. Doesn't that sound like an awesome day?

Forgive me, I tangent. I tangent easily. We brought cookies in our picnic basket. Any good picnic needs a picnic basket.

And a Disney Princess sheet to rest upon.

Here's Jamie with Ava. Look at those cheeks! On Ava. Not Jamie. Ignore Shea with an open mouth full of Cheez-Its in the background. Perhaps I could make money off product placement in the blog? Cheez-It representative- contact me.

And here's where Rich demonstrated how well he learned Emerson's napping techniques.

And the no new posts until we reach ten comments rule? It's a keeper.


Monique said...

A perfectly lovely Sunday, looks like. Evidence of spring all over the place. How nice.

Napping pitures of the adorable Emerson and quick study, Rich; sexy bathroom graffitti; my first glimps of Jamie and Ava since Ava was just hours old, and painted pigs, I mean, that is a great assortment of photos!

Shea even snuck into a couple. And, the photogenic duo always make for lovely viewing.

Thanks Susan. Be sure and hand off that camera next time, for just a few photos of Mom.

Oh, and I love Target. Love your phrase, "I tangent easily," too. May I use it?

Wombat Central said...

I like to say "Power, Power, POWER" in the monster truck voice. Just feels good.

I'm so sad I missed the Dooce pen pal event. :( Cris is going to love her package!

ADKMac said...

This is just too darn cute of a post to comment on!!
I love all the pictures, Sue! Except, none of you? Give Atlee the camera and let her go!

What a beautiful day for a picnic indeed!!!

Gettysburg Mom said...

We seem to have hit a comment plateau people.

Is anybody there? Hello? {hello, hello, hello...says the empty echo}

michael in dc said...

I say bears. It's something about the anchor-shaped nose-to-mouth part of the drawing. That's reserved for non-domestic animals, like lions and bears.

Atlee with her eyes closed: I just imagined her speaking in a rich, cultured British accent, saying something like "Of course, I could show you how we make them." And then in the next picture Greeley, with her back all straight and head at such an angle, imitates her English sister and says "Would you like one?"

I had forgotten all this was taking place on a weekend, so when I saw the picture of Emerson in the swing I thought: "Wait. You just LEFT HIM swinging in the tree while you painted pigs with your daughters?!?!?!!" Then there was Rich. Oh.

Picture of the kids on the sheet, Shea in particular: Do you know who Andrew WK is? I thought of him when I saw Shea's hair blowing in the wind.

It really was a wonderful day. That evening I went to a cookout/picnic where we burned dry brush in a fire bowl late into the night. A very good time.

Today's verify word is "manece," as in: "You are a manece to society." :)

michael in dc said...

I also liked the picture of Ava - what a head that kid has got. It's the type of face where you expect her to start talking about sophisticated subjects like she's one of the babies from Free To Be You And Me.

michael in dc said...

Ok, let me change my quotes.

Picture 2 of Atlee: "Indubitably, this has been quite an experience!"

Picture 3 of Greeley: "Oh, I rather agree."

[said in fine English accents]

Jamie said...

I love the post this week, and Ava loves her pig :) The picture of Emerson in the swing is adorable...This counts as a comment right so we only need a few more before we get another post....

Gretchen said...

Cookies. Buttery Cinnamon rolls. I can't comment since the minute I read your posts I'm off searching for sugary treats for prego belly. Yum. I named my last pound "Sue" :-P :)Gret

Anonymous said...

Gret-I love it!! LOL!! On another this 10??

ADKMac said...

That's 10 lady. We fulfilled our commitment (thanx to Michael in DC for his numerous posts).

Now follow through!

Anonymous said...

Crislawson is a lucky girl! And I hope the baby you're bringing to the meetup is Emerson and not some stranger's child because those feet look oh so edible! And I totally mean that in a non-creepy way; people say I'm scary when I threaten to eat babies...

Anti-Supermom said...

I swear I've seen multiple photos that your babe sleeps/naps anywhere! You are one lucky Momma.

Brigitte said...

I am besotted1 Emerson snoozing in his swing, the photgenic duo and everything else made me smile with pleasure. Please continue, Susan.
Nibbling on baby toes and earlobes were my obsessions as a young Mom…are these lobes tempting you too, Susan?