Sunday, April 18, 2010

Five Ladies Walk Into an Indian Restaurant.

Friday night, we all went out to celebrate Amy's birthday. And by all I mean Amy, Tammy, Kerri, Heather and me. See? We're all here. And nobody's wearing yoga pants either!

Tammy drove so that Amy and I can sit in the backseat and take pictures with her phone. I was very careful to not make a duck face. The urge to do so was powerful. Very powerful indeed.

We drove and drove to reach a restaurant that serves Indian food. We were a little thrown by the neon signs in the window. (I believe Kerri's quote went something like, "Awww man- we totally could've worn our hoodies.") But! The inside of the Masala Bistro was lovely.
We had a yummy, yummy meal. And a couple of beers.

Which maybe helps to explain pictures like...this:

Or this:
Tammy wasn't drinking beers, remember? Perhaps explaining this look:

Can you tell Amy and Tammy were across from me at the table? Here's another picture of them.

Then we went back to Amy's and put on some comfie shoes. We went to a bar in town that was kind of loud. And crowded. And full of college kids that made me feel old. So, no pictures of that place.
So instead we ambled on down to the Parrot. Heather was happy to find a Guinness. See? Happy Heather.
And we found a Rich, Travis and Adam. Remember Grandma Lynda from the Emerson gets born story? These are her sons. The girls crashed their boys night out.

Adam put up some resistance, but Amy beat him down.

They must have been OK with it though, because on Saturday Travis invited us to his house for dinner.
Grandma Lynda was there- making a volcano cake. A cake that bubbled and oozed lava. Video to follow hopefully!

Greeley was excited to learn Travis owns one of those beads things. She's played with it before, mind you- she's just always surprised to learn he has one.

We brought Uncle Michael with us. And look! Rich is holding Emerson! A rare, rare snap shot indeed.

Oh? You can't see the cheeks? Here.

I'm glad I enjoyed my ladies' night out. Rich says I can have another one when Emerson leaves for college.

ETA: Uncle Michael returned to DC today, and I forgot to get the video off his camera first. So, instead, you'll have to make do with this snap shot swiped from Travis' Facebook page. It really isn't every cake that requires dry ice to fulfill its cake destiny.

And anyone want to guess who's little leopard fur covered arm is resting next to the cake?


Amy said...

Absolutely love the pictures!!! Was 'patiently' awaiting their posting...Thanks Lady!

Patioboater said...

Mmmmn ... Indian food.

Dang. Now I'm hungry and it's after midnight. No Indian food for me!

Monique said...

What fun!

Anonymous said...

wait...a cake that is not only cake but spews lava? That sounds amazing!