Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter: Part Two

Welcome back! Did you get a snack? Let the dog out?

Saturday morning, the Gettysburg Family trekked out to the egg hunt at the Gettysburg Battlefield Harley-Davidson dealership. In addition to the eggs, they also had appearances by the Easter Bunny, Elmo and Big Bird. The wait for a photo with Elmo or Big Bird was like an hour. As a result? Here's a picture of the girls with the Easter Bunny.

It was a full on mob scene. If I was a guessing type of girl, I'd guess there were 1,000+ kids there.

We won't talk about all the greedy adults scooping up eggs for their toddlers. I will say I felt a little dirty and depressed about humanity after wards. Atlee held the bag for her, but otherwise Greeley collected all of her eggs herself. All eight or so.

Then it was Atlee's turn. She's the pink spot in the middle there.

She gathered quite a few.

No pictures of Shea, but he did it too. He gathered quite a few and then accidentally tipped his bag- causing his eggs to fall out. Another kid swooped in and took all of his eggs. Another example of greed. Another reason I felt all icky and disgruntled with people.

Where was I? Oh. Rich helped the girls sort their eggs.

Leaving behind the irksomeness of the egg hunt, my dad helped Rich put together the swing set Amy gave us. They moved last fall to a house with a smaller yard and passed along their awesome swing set to us. The girls love it.

Here's Grandpa surveying his handiwork.

And that brings us up to Saturday night when I got the Easter baskets together. Er, when the bunny came by. Oh, whatever. My kids know the truth. When we were planning on going to see the Easter Bunny up there, Atlee mentioned it was just going to be some guy in a suit.

This concludes the second part of our Easter miniseries. Please join us again tomorrow!


daddy said...

Yeah....parents gathering eggs for their children....shame on you....I hope your children fail...

Monique said...

Thanks for all the fun pictures. It looks like fun was had by all, despite some less admirable treats coming through for some.

I liked the earlier post too. Aren't libraries great? That final shot of Shea, Atlee and Greeley is especially sweet.


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Every year we consider the big egg "hunts" and then skip it because it's so early and my kids get enough crap anyway. And THEN I remember the frenzy of the egg searches and am so glad we didn't do it...

ADKMac said...

Awesome pictures!!!! I'm guessing Emerson was attached to you and you didn't leave him home.

We went to the Easter egg hunt at NCCC. 4,000 eggs; 100 kids; all eggs gone in 5 minutes! A friend's kid now believe that chocolate is inside every egg, even the white eggs in the store. Boy, she's set up for some disappointment!

BTW: AWESOME swing set!!!!! I'm guessing Amy also took pity on Rich since she say how quickly progress was moving on the tree fort. ;)

Anti-Supermom said...

Nothing says that spirit of Easter like hoards and hoards of people fighting over a plastic Easter egg.

Funny stuff!

Overall, it looks like a pretty awesome time though, those baskets are STUFFED!

Michelle D-P said...

Oh my God! I remember the Easter egg hunts with just the cousins in Etueffont (village in eastern France) when the kids were younger. Malcolm was the kind to find one egg and sit down and marvel at it, then eat it, then get up wanting to find more and ALL the others had already been found... mostly by Henry who wanted to "share by himself..." The tension is almost worse than opening Christmas presents!

But back in the yard - or should that be "in the back yard?" - the swing set looks great and I have to agree with Monique about the last photos of the three older kids on Easter Part one : great! What is it with guys and bunny ears, anyway?