Friday, April 23, 2010

A good Thursday, indeed.

OK, OK. Before we get to what was just so awesome about Thursday, we need to discuss a few other pictures. Otherwise? They get all lost in the shuffle. And that's not fair to these perfectly delightful photos.

Like this one of Atlee and Greeley helping to remove the bricks from my flower bed out front. Unfortunately, I don't actually seem to have any of the new flower bed they helped Rich build me.

And what about this success this week? Bagels! Why yes, I did. I did make my own bagels. Shea approved.

And how could he not? Chewy? Check. Golden yummy good? Check.

Moving on then- without any sort of good transition- yesterday was indeed a good day. Why was that? You didn't think I'm going to say Earth Day did you? Because that wasn't it.

Reason One:
It was that my sister-in-law Cathy (of the Wyoming family) is on the East Coast. She came to see us with her daughter, Zoe. (Not to be confused with our cat, Zoe.) She stopped and grabbed up a Jamie and Ava on her way here!

Greeley couldn't believe her good fortune. She was not previously aware that they made cousins in her size. She knew they came bigger. And she knew they came smaller. But in a Greeley size? A whole new world.

Emerson, as usual, supervised after eating lunch. What was he supervising?

That crazy cousin, Ava. She's always all over the place. See?

In the mean time, Greeley and Zoe went to check out the tree house. Just in case any of you thought I hadn't updated the picture lately.

After lunch, Ava tried to teach Emerson how to have belly time. He wasn't interested. He hates tummy time.

I'll save you all the horror of the disgruntled grunts he makes when on the belly. He prefers a comfy bouncy seat with a view of what Ava's up to.

And when Cathy holds Ava, I can get pictures of Jamie, without a small person attached to her. Don't get used to it, sister.

Company's coming? Clearly we need cupcakes. One of Cathy's nieces calls them birthday muffins. Oh yeah- cuppy cakes are reason two.

Greeley introduced Zoe to the wonders of Strawberry Shortcake videos.

Here's reason three. The patio umbrella Grandpa bought us arrived yesterday. It'll make the deck much cooler this summer.

Then before the ladies left Cathy wanted a group shot. Rich pointed out at one point that we were all house wives. The Real Housewives of the Magee Family.

The Real Housewives need wranglers to get all those kids lined up.

Let's try again.

And again.

One more try.

Whatever. Thursday still rocked! Thanks ladies!


Wombat Central said...

Looks like fun was had by all. And the bagels!! You're a baking queen! I've always wanted to try making bagels. Mmm. Cupcakes.

Jamie said...

Hey, Thursday was a lot of fun. I posted some more pictures on Facebook, I think we ended up getting one good shot of all of us, and also put up a link to your blog to...hope that is okay. Talk to you soon.

Michael Magee said...

I really wish that I could have been there. It looks like everyone had a blast!

Monique said...

Oh, what fun. It is so nice to see photos of all of you guys together! I wish I could have been there too.

Bagles made a t home, that is something I don't hear about very often at all. But cup cakes, what's with cup cakes? They are the most popular pastry these days, aren't they? For good reason.

Thanks for sharing the day with us. Oh, and espeically those of us who are still Facebook virgins.

lisa said...

there should be more thursdays!

sheila said...

Wow what a great and yummy post! I still cannot believe you made your own bagels!