Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Bonus. Alternate title: I'll front ya three comments.

Comfie? Do you have a drink and a snack? Because I've discovered that with a computer made in the twenty-first century, I can load three times as many photos. And I am. Even though we didn't make the ten comment minimum for our last post, I'm willing to go ahead and publish new content. Just for you my loyal readers. Well, and the kids someday. Because I'm sure as heck not keeping a baby book and a blog.

So, today is Thursday. That means Story Time at the library!

Today's theme was mice. So we made a mouse.

Last week we made cats. We had to leave our cats there. Do you see Greeley's? It's that one, right there.

OK, I'll help you pick it out a little.

The weather has been so beautiful lately, we've been trying to take walks in the neighborhood in the evenings. Except Emerson. He rides in princely comfort.

I made Atlee pose in front of the neighbor's statue. I love their statue. How am I supposed to compete with lawn ornaments like this? I'm thinking a pink flamingo is going to look a little tacky now.

Greeley wasn't walking either. She was riding in comfort in the backpack. Our self-portrait effort was a big, fat failure if the point was a shot of both of us. On the other hand, if the goal was a cute picture of Greeley: SCORE!

We came across these crazies jogging. Atlee assured me we not only knew them, but were related to them.

These are the blooming trees in the little square in our neighborhood. I just took a picture because I thought they were purdy.

And if you look really closely here, you might glimpse the bunny we say hello to on our walks. The bunny owner offered us this bunny last week. I politely declined, explaining we were all full on our rabbit quota.

Further on, we came to this fountain. I want a fountain. I was also beginning to wonder if a neighbor was going to question why I was taking a picture of their yard. But I wanted you all to enjoy this beautiful spring evening with us.

You New York people may need to imagine a lovely August evening to capture that feel. An August evening with tulips.

And purple trees.

Our neighbors have wonderful lawn ornaments.

And house ornaments.

One last flowering tree.

The painting on the outside of our house that my brother-in-law hates. Not Michael. But, speaking of Michael, I'm going to scoop him up tomorrow. I'm going out for Amy's birthday and need to import childcare for Emerson. Yes, Rich, I did just tell that to the whole wide internet.

And one last sunshine. He started out on a boat house in Tupper Lake, NY. Many houses later, he seems happy here with his forever home.

Thanks for joining us on our walk. FEEL FREE TO COMMENT about it.

(Any of you pitying Rich for living with a shameless nag such as me yet? )


Hi, I'm Natalie. said...

AM jealous of flowering trees. Everything is still BROWN here!

Anonymous said...

Let's see, how do I start when I can still have snow:

I hate you and I envy you!!!

:) When can I visit?


lis said...

beautiful pictures of a beautiful family xoxo

Anonymous said...

ARGH! I have, for you, sitting right on my kitchen table...a cheesey pink plastic flamingo for your yard. I was going to send it as the one gag gift in your package, but then I rethought it because I didn't know how expensive it would be to send, and I figured you wouldn't really put it up I'm kicking myself! I almost died when I saw you mentioned it in this post.

~Cris Lawson

Michelle D-P said...

I loved this! Wow, Emerson is a handsome dude! And the self-portrait-with-child-in-backpack, great! As far as childcare concerns go, I do think you expect a bit much of Rich. I mean, my God, the man jogs with your number one son! Can't expect him to take care of number two son too...

Anonymous said...

ACTUAL statuary? Fountains?! Hell, around here the best things we have in the yard are tires.

Monique said...

Springtime in Gettysberg, how nice! I love all these pictures and was happy to get one of at least 1/4 of your face too, Susan!

And all the shot f your neighborhood are great, rally help me imagine it. The lawn ornaments, statues, and wall art... its great. Is that wonderful big sun on the side of your house?

Happy visit Michael.
Happy birthday Amy.

Patioboater said...

Katie the Beagle says that she'll take care of the bunny.

Angus' mom said...

At first I thought you had written that Emerson was riding in "pricely" comfort. But then I remember that "pricely" is not a word. But I think it should be.

Anonymous said...

ok - I know it's been days since you posted this post. BUT, I've been thinking and imagining that sun! Who would ever get rid of something so beautiful?!? Those silly richers. Gotta love 'em!