Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hello again friends and family. We hope you had as much fun this weekend as we did. On Friday night, we had Shea's end of the year picinic at his school. Rich and Shea started a pick-up game of soccer. The teams ended up being Rich and another kid vs. Shea and twelve other kids. Rich's team won. Sadly, no pictures.

So, Saturday morning, the kids and I jumped in the van to go to Virginia. Grandma and Grandpa were staying at Massanutten for the week and invited us to visit. We got there fairly early in the morning. Greeley had some time to kill, so she was working one of Grandpa's Soduku puzzles.

Shea just sort of hung around and watched her.

This was the bathroom for the kids and me. I didn't think Atlee would ever want to leave when she saw this bathtub. Saturday night, Grandma filled it full of water for her. Suddenly, Atlee was chock full of excuses. The water was too hot. The water was too cold. The tub was too deep. Grandma turned on the jets and Atlee almost passed out with fear. She was relieved when Grandma told her she didn't HAVE to take a bath. It was optional.

Sunday morning, we all headed over to the water park. This was the real reason for the visit. This fantastic indoor water park. Shea's the pale one in blue shorts in the foreground.

I tried to get a picture of him coming down the slide. It didn't happen. Perhaps because he doesn't eat enough, he kept getting spun around and all I could see was the back of his head.

Atlee had fun with Grandma in the outside of the park. Outside was a wave pool. Grandma reports that Atlee loved it. It was like the ocean- with waves- but oh, so much warmer. They also had the big sprinkler park thing going on.

Here it may look like a grumpy face, but it wasn't. A good time was had by all.

All three kids slept oh so soundly for the three hour drive home to Gettysburg.

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michael in dc said...

That would be a nice place to visit this week, hunh? (It's 98 here today and was yesterday and Saturday, too.)