Thursday, June 26, 2008

Egg Yolks and Whole Milk, Oh My!!

That's right, my baby turned one a few days ago. In the interest of full disclosure, she's been getting egg yolks and milk for a little while now. I can't very well add the chocolate syrup to a bottle of formula, can I? We had a little get together for Greeley's birthday.No pony rides or moon bounces. Who needs pony rides when you have cupcakes?!

Cupcakes with sprinkles?

We opted to serve Greeley her cupcake al fresco.

I can tell she's my third child, because I am slowly getting smarter. See how she's wearing just an old t-shirt and diaper? She's not wearing the really cute striped birthday dress she wore for the earlier portion of the festivities. That's because I REMEMBERED to change her out of the dress for cupcake eating.

I told you I was getting smarter.

After destroying her cupcake, Greeley was ready to move on to Atlee's share.

Shea didn't leave his cupcake vulnerable to attack. Hey look- it's something else my finicky eater likes. Cupcakes. It's not broccoli, but it's a start.

Rich and Uncle John tossed a baseball around in the street.

All the kids enjoyed the crazy giant ball. Unfortunately, it did not survive the festivities. Ball obituary may appear later in the week. Or not.

Back to the baby. Because she is still a baby. I don't care that she took her first independent steps over the weekend. She's a baby.

Ahem. I got the baby all cleaned up from the cupcake craziness.

It was present time. She's curious about the toys...
But she remembered to read the card first.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the birthday celebration. Oh- you missed it? It's not too late to get Greeley a little something-something for her birthday. She just told me she really wants a nice digital camera that doesn't have a six second shutter lag. And a telescopic lens. I swear, she totally did.


speedymac77 said...

Happy Birthday Greeley!!

WOW - 1 already! That went quickly. I bet your mom feels the same way right now *SIGH*

Let's chat - keep crawling and babbling - don't be in a rush to run. If all else fails, cry until mommy wisks you away and cuddles you for hours. And don't teach Blake anything - I know how you babies are - preparing to grow up and leave babyhood. Don't do it! Toddlers fall a lot - it's much safer for you to stick to crawling to get around. Plus you have older siblings; they will entertain you and keep you off your feet.

City Mouse said...

Awesome idea, doing it outside - hose those kids down afterwards and be done with it! Congrats to the little one. Or I guess, to you, since you grew her.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

"But she remembered to read the card first."

Ha! Glad to see you are raising her right!

Sue said...

Awww. happy birthday Greeley! Yes, they do get much easier, until age 11. then you're screwed.

Betsy said...

Oh, the fun is just beginning!! Now that she's walking, and there are two more running around needing things... that's when it all "hit the fan" for me! ha ha!

Hope you survived that first b-day OK... it was a tough one for me! they just grow so quickly...

Tracey said...

Awwwww... happy birthday to your baby girl. What a cutie!

Peggy said...

Perfect way to celebrate a birthday. Eating a cupcake without worrying about making a mess and lots of presents!

Ann said...

Oh that picture of Greeley looking at her card... it's fantastic!

Katrina said...

Happy Birthday Greeley and to mommy too.

I miss you all soo much. We are all looking forward to seeing you in New York. Harry is trying to get some extra time off that week also. If we have enough money, we are going to try and go to The Great Escape.
Talk to you soon sis!!!