Friday, June 27, 2008

Budapest to Gettysburg, Date Night, Uh-huh..... I told you all we were going on a date, right? Did you know a date in Gettysburg, PA with your husband sometimes means Abe Lincoln saves you from the unwanted attention of a drunk Union Soldier. Uh-huh. I'm telling you. Abe Lincoln saved me. So maybe you don't have Abe Lincoln saving you.... you still get to benefit from a great date night.... That tells you all about the movie I'm willing to buy you. I haven't even looked up cost yet. I just know I enjoyed it a lot. So... tell me your favorite date night. Cause mine just happened, and I'm giddy with glee... random winner will be chosen on Wednesday, whatever Wednesday is from now, by Again, tell me your favorite date night to qualify by Wednesday. Maybe I'll spill details by then....
(yeah- I changed this. It was irritating me.)


City Mouse said...

Multiple instances of my favorite date night, but it always involves actually bothering to take advantage of the fact that we live in New York City -

Going to Carmine's (an awesome traditional Italian family-style restaurant near Times Square) for dinner, and then seeing a Broadway show for way too much money. This year, we've seen Mary Poppins, Xanadu, Gypsy, and The 39 Steps. (We cheated one of those times and went to Red Lobster instead of Carmine's.)

PS - Mary Poppins sucked. You's have to work pretty hard to screw up Mary Poppins, but they did.

City Mouse said...

(BTW - I totally gave you one of those corny blog awards - Silly? Yes. But still fun and apt!)