Monday, June 16, 2008

Summertime & The Living is Easy....

Oh, my friends. We have been busy. So very busy. (No, Dad, we haven't been working on the Mountain House. That wouldn't be nearly as much fun as we've been having.) So, the pictures piled up. The fun we've had in the last few days includes:

Pete, Amy and the kids came over last week to splash in the pool. Have I mentioned how much Greeley loves hanging out with Uncle Pete? I personally think it's this silly little dance he does whenever he sees her. Maybe she has a thing for Asian men. Who knows.

Here is the aforementioned kiddy pool. See Kaya and Atlee swimming ever so nicely in the pool? What well-mannered young ladies we have.

Here is the giant ball I had Uncle Buster blow up for them. He's behind it.

Here is what was left of the pool when those well mannered young ladies were finished with it. Atlee felt the landscaping around the pool was enhanced by a mud puddle or four.

Amy helpfully taught Greeley how to get into her little pool. It was only a matter of time, I suppose. She loves it.

Here we have Greeley on the porch for the rain falling. I don't think she'd ever sat on a porch and watched the rain fall. She was amazed.

This just amused me. Granted, I am easily amused. You know one way I know we're all getting older? When of the five cars parked in overflow parking at a friend's house, three are minivans. Big tip that we're all getting older. (Um, yeah, one's mine. I love my minivan. When I was seventeen I would never, ever have guessed I would utter the sentence, "I love my minivan." Or "I have three kids" for that matter.)

For Father's Day, we went swimming at a friend's house. Atlee discovered she could float perfectly. Didn't need to hold onto anyone or anything. Not surprising, both girls had a great time.
Do you know who else went swimming? Tinkerbell the dog.

I don't think she planned on it. In fact, I think she was kind of surprised to end up in the pool.

Greeley just watched the dog fall into the pool- like it was ho-hum- same old, same old.

And roses! We got to smell these beautiful red roses.

Again, Summertime and the Living is Easy...


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful pics!! And what a wonderful weekend with the family. Greeley is just TOOO cute in her "pool". Blake loves to watch the rain too.

What a wonderful family and a great start to the summer!!

City Mouse said...

Awesome pics! That's a neat little peek into your world. Thanks for posting those.

And, did I hear someone, say "mountain house?"

Do tell.

Ann said...

Gorgeous! Lovely!
Thank you for sharing your day.