Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shea, in his Downtime...

Shea is a kid with many facets. We all know he's the bestest big brother in the whole wide world. But, what about when he's not on big brother duty? What's he do to keep busy?

This year there was soccer. I was originally going to do a post of these pictures labeled "Soccer Game in Hades". It was just that hot. This is a nice picture of Shea walking around. He did run, too. He mentioned at the end of each period that is was too hot to play soccer. He made us very aware that this game was played under protest.

Nice battlefield in the background- eh? Can't really see any of the monuments, but that's the general direction of the Peace Light.

Lots of liquids for everyone.

This is my guy sleeping this morning. Today was his last day of school as a second grader. I tried to go in this morning to get this picture, but the door wouldn't open. Turns out Shea was sleeping on the floor right in front of the door. "Happy last day of school!!", as your mom bonks you in the head with a door.
This? This is the DS Shea bought himself yesterday. My son has a job. Granted, it's a pretty cushy job. Our friend, Pete, pays him to go over to Pete's Grandparents each day and check on them. He gets paid $5.00 a day for this. Pete's Grandparents never make this kid do a lick of work. A week ago or so, he came back from his job with chocolate all over his face. Ice Cream! He gets paid to go eat ice cream! I might consider returning to work if someone could guarantee me a gig like that. So, he's very diligent about doing his job. He's been saving for quite awhile. I think we know what Shea'll be up to for the next couple of days.

He'll be playing that DS as a third grader, by the way.

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