Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Atlee: Movie Star

For friends and family who haven't seen Atlee or Greeley in a bit (or ever), we have a longer feature film. Enjoy the wonder that is Atlee.



Deanna said...

How cute!!!

speedymac77 said...

I LOVE that Atlee has no concept of movies or pictures! Very cute and innocent. Greeley, could you get any cuter?

So THIS is what you do all day, instead of clean...good going!!

beth - total mom haircut said...

She'll probably get to see this movie for years to come. I still am forced to sit through videos from my own childhood. This one is adorable though - mine are just really embarrassing.

Tracey said...

So much of my video footage has my kids as toddlers saying "I wanna SEEEE!!!" and then you see the floor and hear them whining about NOT seeing anybody!!

michael in dc said...

I would just like to say, as the resident film student/aspiring director, that you need to DIRECT. Tell your subjects what to do, to distract them from the fact that you're making a movie so that it doesn't become all "meta" with her asking about the making of the movie. You need to plan these things in advance.

I'd like to see some storyboards before next class. :)