Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gettysburg Family Fun...6/24/08

Hello. We get A LOT of Google traffic from folks looking for things to do in the Gettysburg area. Things to do as a family. Coincidentally, we- the Gettysburg Family- are also looking for things to do in Gettysburg. So, vacationers and locals alike, here's a sampling of activities.

1. Gettysburg Fireman's Carnival. Details here on Gettysburg Family.

2. The kids and I went to the Gettysburg Train Station Museum.

There was no admission fee to the train station museum. Not so much for kids as grown-ups. Perhaps your older child would enjoy the train station models. However, this visit led to two other discoveries.

3. The train station people were kind enough to give us all of the information about The Gettysburg Festival. The festival is a celebration of various arts and is going on now. It's official dates are June 19-29, 2008. So much stuff: music, art, films, plays. My husband and I have a date for a film on Friday night. A date with no kids. Our second in the last year. Lots of events are free. Others have various admission fees.

4. When we told a friend that the train station museum wasn't quite what we thought it would be, she recommended I take the kids to the Lincoln Train Museum. This attraction offers complimentary admission to those of us sporting a local Gettysburg address. It offered many, many model trains. This would be good for any kids who are train nuts. My kids liked the model that was running on elevated tracks high above us. They also enjoyed the display that activated three different trains with the push of a button or three. If you didn't know, most kids like to push buttons.

Now, get off the computer and go do something. Don't be offended, I was talking to myself. Thanks for stopping by Gettysburg Family.


City Mouse said...

I always think it is cool when attractions have special deals for the locals. You probably know the Adk Museum in Blue Mountain Lake does that too. Wish I could go to the train museum! I loved the one over in Lancaster County (I think - it was near the corn maze).

Tracey said...

We love train museums. In fact, any museum.

Daclaren said...

Woohoo...Lincoln Diner!

Your first two pics bring back so many memories of growing up in G-burg. I remember hanging out at the Diner...omelettes sometime between midnight and sunrise, that old counter, and the dessert carousel as you walk in the door.

I love the fact that the Majestic is still there. I remember seeing movies like E.T. and Gremlins there when they first came out. (Does that make me old?) I have lots of pictures from the Majestic's block party premiere of the movie, Gettysburg, back in '93.

Enjoy your date!

Gettysburg Mom said...

Hello Daclaren... We actually went to the Lincoln Diner the day we went to the train station museum. We went for drinks, but my kids definitely drooled over the dessert carousel while we paid the cashier.

We're looking forward to our movie... even thinking about cocktails at Mamie's Cafe first. Not a chicken nugget or french fry in sight!

michael in dc said...

SOOOOO CYÜT! (my spelling of the foreign way I am saying it)