Monday, February 25, 2008

She Likes to Party...She Likes to Get Down...

She's officially four. We're sorry that some of you couldn't be here to celebrate with us- but we have a few photos for you. Let's do a quick birthday tour, shall we? Let's start with the cake. Atlee requested a Nemo cake. I'm going to abandon all pretense of humility and say I rocked the cake. OK, not Nemo's tail. That's not so rocking, but the rest of it? Nemotastic!
The crowd wants cake. I shudder to think how ugly it might have gotten if we had denied them that cake.

Atlee had a few presents to open. Thank you again to everyone!

Here she thought our friends, Pete and Amy, got her cookware. She was confused and greatly relieved to open it and find a giant dinosaur instead.

Greeley and our friend Melissa hung out for awhile.

Atlee loves the hungry hungry hippos.

Here take a look around. It was a good party... sorry you couldn't have been there.


Gretchen said...

Happy Birthday my sweet ATLEE!!!

Hope to see you soon!

Aunt GG

Janna Shillinglaw said...

Birthday wishes to Atlee & love to all the Riordans! Daniel in a couple weeks...better get on that! :)