Sunday, February 10, 2008

Missing My Camera...

Rich has been working out of town this weekend. He took my, er, our camera with him to get pictures of the job site. Which meant many missed photo opportunities. So, I don't have pictures of Atlee and Greeley putting their heads together over a toy or Greeley saying, "Dadadada" AGAIN and AGAIN... or Greeley waving.... But I do have Atlee in a bathrobe.

And I do have video of Greeley playing and getting up on her knees, but still not crawling.



Gettysburg Mom said...

How has nobody mentioned that if you watch the Greeley film, it sounds like she's about to cough up a hair ball? Have you watched the video? Hello???

michael in dc said...

Atlee: such a pretty girl! It's interesting because I can see how her face is changing from her little round fat baby face - it's still there, but it's changing.

Greeley: I found the noises to be "standard baby" although I will admit I did expect a bit more knee action. She wasn't even trying!

speedymac77 said...

I think Greeley is just too adorable! Can we arrange a marriage with Blake and her?? I'm sure Blake wouldn't mind being with an older (by 3 months) lady.

Atlee - I want to hug her and tickle her!! TOO DARN CUTE!!