Thursday, September 30, 2010

Odds and Ends.

Guess which family member is having a friend? family member? sleep over for a couple of days?

He was horrified when his guest stole his bone. She's also competing for the space under Emerson's high chair. It's a popular piece of real estate among the canines.

As for her? She's waiting at the top of the stairs for her parents to come home. You know, the ones that feed her from the table and let her sleep in bed with them.

In other news, Greeley told me she doesn't need me any more the other day. Why all the new-found independence? She got herself a carrot from the fridge, grabbed the peeler, and got to it.

And the last photo? The Gettysburg Family purchased a new dining room table last week. Uncle Michael asked me to take a picture of it- so I did.

Atlee was our model. See how well the table supports her elbows?

And luckily enough? The new table is spacious enough to accommodate two large dogs under it.


Uncle Michael in DC said...

Greeley - SO CUTE! (I'm squealing.)

I still insist she's a redhead. Or at least strawberry blonde. That blue shirt really sets it off.

Was the table a Craigslist find?

Today's secret word: eabluear

Monique said...

What a nice new dining room set and with a proper sized table! Well chosen.

Lets see... me thinks a lab haiku is in order.

One blond and one black
Two labs with one goal in mind
Stay near Emerson

Anonymous said...

Nice haiku, Monique.

WOW - Uber cuteness going on @ the GF house!!! I love the table which only makes me want a new one more. My hub will thank you later.

still without password - themac

sheila said...

LOL on your visitor! ha ha ha!

Is your potato peeler a Betty Crocker? OMG. I just got one of those and I HATE IT! lol. I accidently threw my old generic type peeler out with the potato skins and had to get the Betty Crocker one. Not likin it. lol

Uncle Michael in DC said...

By the way, Uncle Michael would like you to know that he did NOT ask you to take a picture of the table. He asked you to take a picture of the new downstairs furniture and/or the new vanity. I said nothing about the dining room table.

Secret word: jihilin

Gettysburg Mom said...

That's what I get for skimming messages, I guess. I reread and you totally didn't. My abject, humble apologies, sir.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, how many of there are you? I see at least 9 (?) chairs at that table?

Two dogs, now your facebook makes sense.

I love autumn. We have a petting zoo here too, and they have a corn maze (with scary fake monsters,) and activities and food and flowers and and and...

My secret word verification is: Guente. I think I will use it instead of c u next tuesday. "She's such a GUENTE." Pronunciation 'gwent.'

Bet you didn't know it was me. ~Cris