Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gettysburg Family Goes Ghost Hunting

So, last Friday we went out to eat at Appalachian Brewing Company. It was yummy, but that's not the point of this post. While we were waiting for a table (because hello? How did Rich and I fail to not realize that we roll as a family of six and need to call ahead?), Rich took the kids outside to burn off some energy.

From the front of ABC, you can see the Lutheran Seminary and the battlefields that were the setting for day one. While my friend Gretchen and her boys were here last summer, she took Atlee and her boys on a ghost tour. Part of the ghost tour told the story of how they had to clear all of the dead bodies so that Lee could set up camp. However, there wasn't time to bury them, so they stacked them in a barn. Apparently, a Confederate soldier was still alive and buried under all of the dead bodies, but nobody could hear his yells for help because there was a war going on around him. After the battle ended, somebody heard him, they pulled him out still alive- but then he died. Or so the story goes. (This website says the barn burned down later. I guess Rich was off base in going to the other barn. This is why we are silly locals and not ghost tour operators.) And Atlee has long been intrigued by this story.

Enough introduction for you?

Anywho, Rich decided to head out to a barn on the battlefield that you can see from ABC to see if we could hear any ghosts. Shea, Emerson and I decided to protect the car. We're brave like that.

Who's got baby toes? Who's got baby toes? Emerson's got baby toes. Who's got baby toes? Emerson's got baby toes.

Um, sorry.

I did realize I had the camera with me, and decided to take a few pictures.

When I saw that one up above, I was all, "Look! Look at all of those orbs! This place IS a paranormal jackpot! It's not just marketing to tourists!" Then I realized the van window was just filthy.

All of my camera flashes did manage to scare the two brave little girls who had gone off to explore the haunted barn in the dark with their father though. They came back to the safety of the van.

Here's where she gave me an earful for daring to scare her on her ghost hunt.

But. I took one last picture. Do you see the orb? Because I do. Aaaaaand the window was down.

What? You don't take the family ghost hunting on a Friday night?


Anonymous said...

I actually met Grant from Ghost Hunters, and I went on an overnight of Houghton Mansion, which is allegedly haunted.

I dig it! ~Cris

sheila said...

I LOVE GHOST HUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And cemeteries, but I'm sure you know that one! lol. I totally see that orb, it's huge! I'd love to live in your area, it's such a hotspot!

Love the toes blurb, that was awesome! lol.

Wombat Central said...

LOL over the toes. Also? I'da been in the car the whole time. Um, making sure the vehicle was secured. Yeah. That's it.

spokeit said...

I remember my parents taking me on the ghost tour in Williamsburg and it FREAKing me out!

The part where I offer to digest your child: may I nibble Emerson's toes, please?

Uncle Michael in DC said...

I find those ghost hunter shows ridiculous ("oh! what was that??" repeat ad infinitum). A friend of mine at my reunion talked about how there are tens of of ghost companies and they must be raking in money, since all it is, is walking around talking and they charge $15 a pop (maybe more).

And how many of those damn ghost hunter shows are there now? It's like every channel has one. (They should do a skit about unlikely channels having ghost hunter shows: the cooking channel, the fitness channel, Nick Jr.)

Today's secret word: genti

MsThrillSeeker said...

Wow. I really love your pictures. They remind me of one of those ghost hunting trips my friends and I went on. We took a tinted van with curtains. There were six of us so we were all brave however, we still brought blankets in case we actually saw something outside or pretended we saw something and everyone would scream. Anyway, we headed to a dark trail just outside our town where there's a little mist and the trees are scary-looking. The van moved very slow to make it more thrilling and sometimes we would stop at eerie places. It's really fun and feels much safer than going on foot into a haunted house where you could get separated from the group in a frenzy. I'll plan another trip next year.