Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gettysburg Family at the Lincoln Diner

I seem to be going backwards chronologically through our weekend.

Before we went to visit Alpacas, we all got up bright and early to go out to breakfast Sunday morning. And when I say bright and early, I mean we were out the door by 7:00 to hit the Lincoln Diner. We wanted to beat the Sunday morning crowd and I'm happy to report our crazy method worked. Rich did wonder if some of the drunks from Saturday night would still be there. There weren't any.

So, not wanting to blind the other patrons, I turned the flash off on my camera. Which led to blurry pictures.

Shea's hair looks a little blurry here, but that was just bed head. But since he doesn't like to sleep in his bed- but rather on his floor- does that mean he has floor head?

Atlee was cheery so early in the morning. Atlee's always cheery.

Emerson was excited that there was food on the horizon.

So excited- he was a blur of flailing arm movement.

Greeley too. What could have Greeley so excited?

Oh, a mountain of whipped cream.

The spoiled monkeys all had not one, but two!, cups of hot chocolate a piece.

Atlee also had pancakes with whipped cream. No wonder she was so cheery.

Greeley looks so serious, but she was happy too.

Whipped cream is one of the food groups, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Whipped cream (or fluff,) on hot cocoa is a Northern Food Group. As is maple syrup candy (made by tossing it in streams onto the snow and freezing that way.)

However, the Southern Food Group includes Shoney's and Waffle House. As a Yankee, I am jealous. But we finally got Papa John's pizza up here, so the balance is even.

There is nothing more exciting to children than diner breakfasts!


Anonymous said...

YUM!!! What an awesome start to a day. I wonder what Shea thinks of his new haircut now that it's starting to grow back. Does he want to keep it short or let it go long again?

Atlee and Greeley are just too cute!

Emerson - cute as always.

I imagine Rich wasn't as excited as the kids, hence no pics of him.


Uncle Michael in DC said...

I miss not being there for every adventure.

I, too, was wow-ed by how fast Shea's hair has grown and how he feels about this mid-stage.

Today's secret word is: antistr

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Yes. A food group it is. Yoda, I am not.

Shea's hair is growing again!

Monique said...

Hey, somehow I missed a few posts there. Wonderful coverage of what's up with the Gettysburg Family. Thanks.

Breakfast at a diner is one sure way to make it a wonderful weekend!

I hear from John that Shea is now on Facebook. Wow. I guess the next generation is already passing me by...