Sunday, September 5, 2010

Farewell Post: Return of the Uncle (....i?)

The blog has not been signed into the past couple of days, so this is going to be a big one.

Wednesday evening walk:

Thursday morning - Storytime!

Best friends:
(AND someone's wearing underwear and not a diaper!)

Looks like an expression of delight to me.

Later we went to Caledonia to cool off in a creek.

Somebody fell asleep on the way there.

But he was awake and in the creek before long.

Doesn't he look happy?

Wait, try this one:

Somebody got a lollipop.

Back home, an afternoon on the lawn.

Gree wanted to wear the bike helmet.
I was more impressed by her hair.


"Hey man, wanna join us? It's a paaaartyyyy...."

"Hey! Pauly! You wanna help me wit dis here?"

If you look close, you can see the drops flying from where he hit the water.

"Check you later, man!"

Friday, September 2

I missed the first part because my camera was full and I hadn't downloaded the pictures to create more space on my memory card. We went to Home Depot, where Greeley was given a balloon. In Home Depot, her balloon spoke to other balloons that were attached to different displays. She started hitting me with the balloon and she said "The balloon hates you!" Why, I asked. "Because you're not a balloon!" Later, after we were home, she came into my room where I was downloading photos and said "My balloon wants a girlfriend." She walked over to a world map and said "Maybe he can find one in one of these countries."

I had to accompany Daddy on an errand and I suggested she draw a face on the balloon (to get her to agree to go inside). When we came back, there was no more balloon. But there was a LOT of marker.

Daddy also decided on a special trip for Friday evening, so the kids all happened to gather in the living room and I got some pictures.

Atlee loves her dog.

Shea loves his little brother.

A family portrait if there ever was one.

Or maybe this is more accurate.

Turns out the trip was to Dairy Queen!!

Everyone excitedly queues up.

Atlee was so happy she couldn't stop dancing.

I'm going to stop here and publish this so that it's fixed and start another one. Seeya soon!
Uncle Michael

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Monique said...

Love all these photos and videos. The family portrate is beautiful!
Man, Emerson is big already.