Sunday, September 5, 2010

Uncle Michael Farewell Post, Part 2

Uncle Michael Farewell Post, Part 2

I leave today, so I'm trying to get up all the pictures I can before I go.

Friday night, there was a fire for hot dogs and smores.

Uncle Travis

Greeley and Petey

Emerson and Shea in the turtle (sans water)

Later, Emerson tried to help load the dishwasher (apparently a Gettysburg child innate trait).

Later, Greeley showed me the mustache she had drawn for herself. (I would have said goatee but she only said mustache, so I didn't argue.)

Mommy needed us to kill a spider. I could see why she freaked out when it appeared after she lifted up some clothes.

The kids were allowed to sleep in the TV room that night. This was the configuration of the girls.

Saturday, September 4


Miss Amy brought over her new puppy, Chloe. All the girls were thrilled.

Mommy went horseback riding (and took her own pictures) and we stayed at home.

Atlee, with her mismatched sandals.

Emerson, thrilled to be outdoors and free.

And Greeley, who was sad that mom had left.

So Daddy gave her a hug.

Later they tried to take a nap. (Daddy was taking a break from exchanging the sink, which you see in the background.)

But somebody had other ideas.
Hello, Chubs!

The girls had promised to wash the car so Daddy gave them some tools and Greeley got right to it.

And then we had one last adventure for the evening.


Anonymous said...

He rocks!! Can I borrow Uncle Michael? I mean, he eradicates spiders and chases rodents - almost as good as a cat AND he takes pictures and movies!!!!

Poor Greeley didn't like the idea of mommy leaving - THAT brough my heart too!!


Anonymous said...

*broke - not whatever I wrote there.
UGH - more coffee, please!

Actually, I forgot to comment about Atlee's footwear - cute and classic!! Chubs is getting too big! I just wanna squeeze those legs!!!!!

mac x 2

Uncle Michael in DC said...

What you missed at the end of the last video was Atlee saying to me: "Uncle Michael, can you get it? Can your body withstand his powerful jaws?" Classic Atlee.

Today's secret word is: brucl

Gettysburg Mom said...

What you don't know is Corwin killed it and Wilson dragged it into my kitchen. Group effort! Dead vole parts!

Monique said...

Tis the season for dogs killing moles and voles!

Thanks again for all the great photos and videos.

Uncle Michael, you'll be missed, I'm sure. By the way, you and Rich sound so alike to me.

Hope everyone is happy at school.

Uncle Michael in DC said...

Uncle Michael Tidbits
- One night in the shower, I peeled tar off the bottom of my feet.
- I strained my back somewhere along the line in PA and I blamed it on picking up the 30lb 10-month-old in his car seat.

Uncle Michael Update
- The bottoms of my feet are finally losing their black color after spending most of my time in PA barefoot.

Today's secret word is: pratcriz

Anonymous said...

Atlee's my kind of girl- I wear mismatched sandals all the time!

also- I love Uncle Michael.

Wombat Central said...

Can they come chase the mice out of my yard next? :) So sad to see Greeley crying over mama's departure!