Saturday, October 2, 2010

Last Saturday.

Last Saturday was a busy, busy day. I was going to break this into a few posts, but then I realized that TODAY is Saturday. AGAIN. And we have plans for today- which I will try to take even more pictures of. So, before the back log gets too tremendously large, let's just do them all in one big swoop. Go- go grab a cup of coffee- maybe a snack- and get settled in.

Last Saturday was a special kids oriented day at the Eisenhower Farm. Rich and Shea quickly separated themselves from me, Amy and the herd of squealing girls we were trying to herd.

But they were happy, squealing girls. Well, for the most part.

There was a fabulous petting zoo. We did have to tell all of the girls nobody was getting a horse. I think Amy took it the hardest.

Greeley even found a Greeley sized horse.

A sand box full of black eyed peas. Is it then a pea box?

Chubs was trapped in a back pack. Always in a back pack. You and I both know, internets, that if he'd been free he would have eaten those black eyed peas.

There was face paining. Atlee got a dolphin. No, really, it IS a dolphin. Is too.

Greeley opted for a rainbow.

Then she took her trusty mount out for a spin through the hay maze.

As if all of that wasn't enough action- we left the farm for a costume change and moved on to part 2- a birthday party. A birthday party with bubbles.

A small herd of little girls wearing party dresses and blowing bubbles. I know, the cute factor can't even be calculated.

Although, I did manage a shot of the patented Greeley glare.

I just like this one. I know I'm biased and all because she's mine, but damn that kid's beautiful. (And then I have the automatic reaction where I launch into "but that's not the important part, Greeley. What's more important is that you're a nice person. That you're kind to others. That you're smart and funny and caring. Who you are as a person is much more important than whether or not you're pretty." But between you and me? Damn that kid's beautiful.)

That's kind of it for the birthday party pictures. Mostly because it was just me, Emerson and the girls. Rich and Shea stayed home. So, trying to keep up with three kids when I was clearly outnumbered meant taking pictures went way, way down on the priority list.

So, after the birthday party the girls and I decided we weren't quite done. We went home and scooped up the boys, including Wilson dog- and headed into town to stroll around for a bit. We had interrupted Shea and Rich's plans for a frozen pizza at home, so it seemed fair that we feed them.

Wilson eagerly hopes for some pizza, since we were at the Roman Inn.

Our model, Rich, shows the beautiful al fresco dining area that the Roman Inn offers its guests. Dog friendly made Wilson happy too! For the record, Wilson was not disappointed. I believe he ate two slices. And some cheese that Greeley dropped on the ground. Oh, you're no longer surprised to hear he's gained sixteen pounds in the last two months?

The girls ran up and down the sidewalk- back and forth, back and forth.

And believe you me, they slept soundly last Saturday night.


Gettysburg Mom said...

I can't take the 0 comments any more. It's just so sad that little 0.

Almost as sad as me leaving a comment on my own blog to get rid of the 0.

Gettysburg Mom said...

It's OK people. I promise I won't use the word herd if you leave a comment. Three times in one post is clearly sufficient use of the word.

Drilled into my brain subliminally by being at a cattle farm perhaps?

Monique said...

It is true, the cute factor on your family photos is just too high to calculate. I always enjoy your posts and photos so much. And yes, it's a specialy treat for we few Facebook virgins.

On this post, I must say that I espeically love the photo of Rich and Shea walking down the lane. Good heavens, time is flying and that picture just emphasizes the fact so.

Kisses and hugs!

Monique said...

By the way, are you still having such nice warm weather that you can wear shorts and dine outside at night? Take full advantage!

Uncle Michael in DC said...

She really is so beautiful. They both are. My new name for them is "cuticles." They are just two cuticles.

I love the picture of them petting the horse and Greeley with her Greeley-sized horse. You got some really great pictures. (I accidently typed "greally great" - ha!) Does she like horses now? (If you watch the video of her crying when you left, I asked her if she likes horses and she shakes her head no.

I miss my little girlfriends.

Secret word: lenit
As in "you'd be best off spennin' that money then lenit sit there in the bank." :)

Wombat Central said...

Lots of cuteness going on there. Especially the cuteness trapped in the backpack. ;) And the girlies in a pack. Wilson got whole slices? Don't tell Sophie. She only gets the occasional pizza bone.

Uncle Michael in DC said...

I love seeing so much of Atlee's face in her face painting picture! So rare! And I love Greeley's expression in her face painting picture! The expressions that kid makes! She's like a cuteness IED!

The secret word is: melsc

Anonymous said...

I love the Greeley sized horse. When we go to fairs, I always go find the minis.

Morgaine Fey @Purji said...