Sunday, September 12, 2010

I guess I do remember how to do this afterall...

Do you hear all that whining around here?

"I miss Uncle Michael."

"When's Uncle Michael coming back?"

"Why did Uncle Michael have to go home?"

And the kids are even worse.

So, since I have to hold my own fussy babies and post my own blog posts, I might as well get to it, I suppose. There is a considerable back log of pictures on the camera.

A few weeks ago, before school started, I took Atlee on a special trip. You know how special it was? It was just Mommy and Atlee. Which meant Atlee had to buckle herself- which sometimes takes a little while.

So, I took a picture of myself and the empty seats and Atlee buckling herself into her seat. See my smile? That's because we were going for Mommy and daughter pedicures.

No pictures of the process- because we were too busy enjoying ourselves. But, here are happy Atlee toes....with silver racing stripes. Why, yes, they do make her faster. Thank you for asking.

A new version of Name that Offspring, perhaps? Who do these blue eyes belong too?

And you wouldn't think it was me posting if there wasn't a picture of my dog, right? He matches the new floor.

Another summer activity off the check list: mini golfing.

We were uncomfortable with the idea of Greeley being armed with a metal stick. Luckily, Mulligan MacDuffer's had an alternative for her.

Who won? We don't know. We didn't keep score at all.

But they all had fun.

I realized I'm digging on the pink lately. Or so says my recently polished toes, choice of flip flops and choice of golf balls. My mom will tell you I hated pink in my youth.

And I know, I know. Needs more chubs. Here you are.

Stay tuned for more summer adventures, including the wedding which required the return of the matching sun dresses and Mommy goes horseback riding.

Unless we talk Uncle Michael into coming back. Then I'll be the one sitting on the couch doing nothing but eating bon bons and watching bad realty, PBS.


Kaimoana said...

Aww Emerson is such an adorable chubster. Smoosh smoosh!

Anonymous said...

WOW - one for the record books! A whole post with the whole family!!

I love the chubster!! And, braving mini-golf with children is a challenge. We recently did that with B and *only* had 3 meltdowns. Lesson: go right after nap; not before!

Beautiful pics!!!


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

:) Want to munch on those cheeks. Emerson's, not yours...

spokeit said...

I'm voting that the blue eyes go to...Atlee.

And Emerson as usual, looking totally smooshable :)