Thursday, January 31, 2008

Name that Offspring...1/31/08

Yeaah for the masses! Last week was indeed Atlee. But, so many folks were correct, I started to think maybe I wasn't challenging you enough. Everone loves a bit of a challenge. So, this week name that offspring over there on the right, but then...then... post a comment letting me know where we are and what we're doing! Thanks as always for keeping me entertained. If I didn't have this, why I might have to wash Rich's socks...ewwwww.


snason said...

That's too easy. Do you want me to say and give it away, or let other people guess?

John A. Magee said...

Hey, I know this one!

'Course it helps that I'm in one of the pictures.

In a tribute to fair play, I'll skip the voting this week.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I really don't know for sure, but my guess is you're getting hitched in California. And I do believe that must be Mr. Shea as the best man!!! :-)

michael in dc said...

That kid is totally Shea and I think you're getting your citizenship papers so you can live in the U.S. (You're Canadian, right?)

(Oh, I crack myself up.) :) !