Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Kids Today 1.13.08

Atlee is enjoying her Christmas Dump Truck from Uncle John R.. I've also included bonus Atlee from Friday morning enjoying our lake front property. Greeley is sitting up in her swing, which means she can't be left unattended, or she throws herself sideways and gets stuck. Someday I'll see if I can get a shot of Shea NOT playing his gameboy.


michael in dc said...

Because you called it the lakefront property, my brain accepted that I was looking at a lake. That meant Atlee was somehow walking on a very thin tree branch. I kept asking myself "How in the hell did she get up in that tree and how is she walking on that branch?" (Also: "Since when do they have a lakefront property and where in the hell is it?") When I finally realized what you were saying, my mind reorganized itself and I saw the real image. Bizarre.

michael in dc said...

That is a great picture of Greeley, too! She looks so aware and alert - at least as much as the President. :)