Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Now that I've been thwarted.

My goodness. Did you know that what you post on the internet can be seen by other people? Including the person you're planning on rustling a canine from? Oh, you did. Well, clever you.

If you live anywhere on the East Coast, I imagine your weekend weather was as glorious as ours was. Saturday temperatures ventured into the 70s. We kicked off the spring weather with bubbles!

Greeley strolled the grounds barefoot.

See how happy she is for spring! Oh wait. It's just another shot of Greeley glaring at the world.

Atlee recently got a Big Wheel for her birthday. Now that she has transportation, it's a matter of time before she's out of here.

Greeley too.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to hatch a second plan about my dog that I won't be posting all publicly so that people boozing on a beach in Costa Rica can read it.


Small Pines said...

Those kids are totally mobile. Strap a particular dog to those things and they are totally out of there.

Tonya said...

we want spring so badly actually I could skip spring and go right to summer...I could do without the rain and puddles :)

Tracey said...

I'm waiting for another spring day. We had one on Friday and it was GLORIOUS.

Anonymous said...

"my dog" - just too funny!

There's no chance that your kids will run away - they seem too darn happy. I like SP's idea about training it to pull the kids around, like dog sleds on Mirror Lake.

I have another two month til spring. Again, WTF am I thinking about living here?!?

(I was gonna comment last night but that silly dial up of mine locked up with all the pics.)

Anonymous said...

by "it" I mean the dog.

Just wanted to clarify I wasn't referring to Rich.

sheila said...

Cute! Oh, that one with Atlee and the big wheel...the caption? Hilarious! LOL!! :)

(to answer your question on my blog...tan carpet, 2 dogs? = lots of vacuuming, and regular shampoos. And no body comes in with shoes! lol)

Katrina said...

Hi, It got up into the 40's here. Yeah. It is really nice to be back out walking.