Monday, March 2, 2009

As a favor to you, no photos from this weekend.

Alternative Title: Too much information.

It all started so nicely. Friday evening was our family movie night. There were snacks and the fifth Harry Potter movie. Even if the girls and I fell asleep during the movie, it was still good.

Saturday morning started out so well. I finished the book I was reading and could finally start Breaking Dawn, the last in the Twilight series. Ah, bliss. But, wait. What's Shea saying down there in the family room? "Greeley's puking!" And that's where the weekend went downhill.

Greeley continued to get sick for the next twenty-four hours. Anything that went in shortly came back out. Do you know what nursing babies want to do when they don't feel well?

I also realized this weekend that the only parts of the house that are not covered in carpet upstairs are the bathroom and kitchen floors. At one point we all took turns hanging with Greeley on her towel on the kitchen floor. Rich and Atlee played Barbies with her. Shea explained he was clearly not going to play Barbies with Greeley.

Sunday afternoon, she seemed to perk up. Some applesauce and bread and Gatorade for dinner and it all stayed down. Yeah! We put Shea and Atlee to bed and Rich, Greeley and I settled in to watch the latest Indiana Jones movie. Greeley and I fell asleep. I can tell you the beginnings of all sorts of movies, but strangely not the end so much.

Rich wakes me up to go upstairs to bed. I bring Greeley into the girls room to go to bed. Atlee's sitting in a ball at the foot of her bed. And what is that smell? I know I need to change the rabbit cage, but really. And Atlee says, and you knew she would, "I'm sorry Mom, but I got sick in my bed."

I changed all of her sheets and got her the bucket. I settle in to nurse Greeley. Atlee gets sick all over again. Then, a magical moment happened. One of those moments that reminds you of just how wonderful your husband is. Rich came into the room and held Atlee's hair while she got sick. He stripped her bed, again. He covered her bed in towels and got her a sippy cup of water to rinse her mouth with. He took care of the bucket. He reassured her the whole time. Who knew you could have a magical moment while a child was vomiting? She's gotten much better about her aim. She's still getting sick upstairs, poor thing.

So, nope. No photos of this fabulous weekend. I had been planning on sharing pictures with my North Country friends of all the spring like things we've noticed going on around here. The trees are beginning to bud, the iris and daffodil bulbs are coming up, and the geese are flying north again. But all of that? It's under piles of snow right now. And the snow is still coming down.

If you made it this far, and you do want to see some great photos, I'll send you over to my brother John's website, Patio Boat. He has vacation pictures from a recent trip to Northern California. He even has a picture of the General Store where I purchased my wedding dress. And the garden we all got married in in Berkeley.

I'm going to stop rambling now.

**Edited to add that we've lost Rich now. It's only a matter of time before Shea and I succumb. I'm going to hang the quarantine flag out front now.


Patioboater said...

As you know from reading my blog, all of the sick ones have my full and total sympathy.

Here's one cheery note: despite tending me through my illness, Monique managed to not get sick. (Come to think of it, since babies get antibodies through their mothers' breast milk, it's kinda too bad for you that it doesn't work the other direction. You'd already be immunized!)

Deanna said...

Hope everyone starts feeling better soon....and I love the new pic!!

Monique said...

Ohhhhhh, what a weekend. I am so sorry to hear the news and wish we were closer so we could at least bring over some cicken soup.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you and Shea manage to skip this round of intenstinal yuk.

Shea, I guess the shoveling will be up to you, my dear.

Gettysburg Mom said...

We lost Shea about two hours ago. It's just me now. I'm a little afraid.

While we appreciate the offer of the soup Monique, nobody's eating much of anything. Except me. I just had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

City Mouse said...

Oh ... so sorry. One person sick is bad enough. A whole house full of sick is awful. Hang in there, and hope all are feeling better soon. Sounds like it might be a short bug.

Tracey said...

Holy balls. I'm sorry... hope it passes quickly and that you are spared!

Monique said...

I have this really bad feeling that your comment, Susan, may have been the last we hear from you for a couple of days.

I hope that by tomorrow, the thought of chicken soup will begin to have appeal again.

Gettysburg Mom said...

It's Tuesday and I'm still waiting for the axe to fall. I can't really be spared, can I?

michael in dc said...

The way you describe it ("we lost Rich about an hour ago"), it's like some sort of horror/zombie movie.

"Greeley, could you stop chewing on my leg? My brain's not in there, anyway."

Gettysburg Mom said...

Michael- We've been looking a bit like a zombie horror movie around here.