Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gettysburg Family Jumps the Shark.

Remember before realty television, when there were sitcoms? Well, I've hatched a plan. I've been refining it for a few days. Mom and Dad are coming to collect their dog in a few weeks. I've kind of decided I like this dog. Rich has referred to her a couple of times as a "good dog". Do you know how hard it is to match my husband with a dog? I trust this dog with my children. But my parents are coming to take her back.

Our local SPCA has this dog waiting to be adopted. Her name is Sadie. Even rhymes with Cady, right? In the grand tradition of sitcoms, I'm planning on swapping dogs! I know, I know. Crazy.

They're both black lab like dogs. Floppy ears and intelligent eyes. Why don't I just adopt Sadie you ask? Because I don't know if she's a good match for my husband. I don't know if I can trust her with my kids. Hear me out now. Mom and Dad love dogs. Whatever dog they end up with will be spoiled. And if she's skittish with kids, we'll keep the kids away at Christmas.

In order to swap dogs, I need to stash Cady someplace. I've found her a safe house across the street with our neighbors. She even gets along with their little dog, Romeo. [Although all the kids in the neighborhood just call him RoRo.]

I suppose I could just ask Mom if she wanted to swap pets. She considered swapping cats with my sister Katrina last year. So, you know, she might consider it. But what about all the hijinks that would ensue with this sort of plan? Comic gold I tell ya.

If you live in the Gettysburg area and are interested in adopting Sadie, please visit the Adams County SPCA. While I really want her, I don't know if it's going to happen and she certainly seems like a dog who deserves a home.

And join us next week on Gettysburg Family when celebrity guest star Ted McGinley will make a special appearance!


Anonymous said...

You need to start emailing your mom pics of "Cady" since the new one is much skinnier. Just say you've been walking a lot.

Are you sure you are ready for perminate pup? Not just a loaner?

Dial up Mac

the mama bird diaries said...

Good luck with the dog swap. I once tried to do a boyfriend swap. It failed miserably.

Katrina said...

You know the more you have Cady the harder it is going to be to send her back home. She much be behazing pretty well, we haven't heard any distruction stories lately.

Patioboater said...

Mama bird shoulda tried swapping collars on the boyfriends, too. I'm pretty sure that's the kind of detail that Susan's already put into this scheme.

Betsy said...

If your parents are anything like mine, you gotta' switch strategies here...

You send in the GRANDKIDS to ask them if they will dog swap!! They can't say "no" to the cute little grandkids!!

Trust me - send in the pros, and you will have yourself a new pet. :-)

michael in dc said...

Do you know what "jump the shark" means? Because this seems more like shifting into third gear and hitting the gas. I like this idea and it's much less lame than Fonzi waterskiing. I vote for more original crazy storylines like this.

sheila said...

Ahhhh, TAKE THE DOG! lol
the animal shelter would tell you if it's a good dog for kids. they 'test' them.

Small Pines said...

Ooh ... good idea Betsy. Let the experts do the work. "Can we keep the dog, Grandma? We love Cady so much, and Mom said we could keep her if you said it was okay." (Insert rehearsed crying here.)

Ted McGinley = Sitcom Killer.

Anonymous said...

No way in heck.
You think I wouldnt know Cady
Not even for the grandkids.
You know who

Anonymous said...

Do you know how good my life is
Not only do I have a great dog.
I am currently at an all inclusive resort on the Pacific Ocean, where all booze is free, including beer, margueritas, and wine.
What a vacation!

Gettysburg Mom said...

I can only assume it was the consumption of all the free booze that turned you into such a nasty gloater.

Since you're planning on making Greeley cry by taking her beloved dog, the least you could do is stagger over to the gift shop and send the kids some postcards.

Oh, wait. Cady seems to have gotten out the door. Where oh where could she be? Don't worry, I have a lovely replacement in mind for you. No need to be upset.

Monique said...

OMG -- you guys are killing me with this exchange.

I am glad to hear that the basking-by-the-sea portion of your vacatin is going well, Sheila & Dick!

And to those in the fog and rain in Gettysburg... good luck finding the run-away Cady...

Anonymous said...

Well, we're checking out of here in about a half hour, so no more free booze. We'll be in San Jose tonight and then fly to Miami tomorrow. So Punta Vida *the good life * is over.
Also, my tooth is hurting again. Must be karmic retribution for the gloating.
Nevertheless, I want my Cady back.

Patioboater said...

Only now do we see the flaw in your secret plan. It turns out that the secret is a wee bit less secret when you blog about it. Who coulda known?

Patioboater said...

There seemed to be a typo in Mom's last note. I have fixed it:

"Nevertheless, I want my Sadie back. "

Michael Magee said...
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Michael Magee said...

This thread is pure comic genious!