Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Seven Weird Things Meme I Was Supposed to Do Last Month

So, um, yeah, City Mouse tagged me for this last month. And it's a bit overdue. I'm supposed to list seven weird and or random things about myself.

1- I MUST smell a glass before I pour a drink into it. It's really almost an OCD thing. It's kind of odd because we have a dishwasher. They never really smell like much of anything, and yet I sniff.

2- I occasionally like shellfish but despise fish. I've been known to tell people I'm allergic to it. But really- isn't that gagging reflex almost an allergy? If I think I'm going to die if I have to eat it, does that count?

3- I dropped out of high school to go to community college. I actually was still attending high school for a bit after I had the GED. Luckily most job applications ask you what high school you attended and the highest level of education completed. I fill in the BA from SUNY Plattsburgh part and don't bring up the lack of senior year part.

4- My past international travel is limited to the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

5- When I was little I had a pet crayfish for like two days. He died. In my defense he didn't exactly come with a book on crayfish care.

6- My husband and I got married in a double ceremony with my brother and sister-in-law... three times. First time in my Aunt and Uncle's garden in Berkeley, CA. Second time on one of the big boats on Lake George; another brother was the captain. The third time was at the Saranac Lake Golf Course in Ray Brook on the driving range. How many people get to show up to their wedding in a golf cart?

7- When I was younger, I didn't like or want kids. It's funny the places life takes you.

Bonus Baby Christmas and Dog Video:

I'm too lazy tonight to actually tag anyone, but if you want to play along- go for it!


City Mouse said...

We are identical in items 2 and 3! However, I would probably drink out of a rusty tin can if left to my own devices.

AdkJen said...

You're lucky in that you don't seem to have any issues loading videos! I know it takes awhile for it to upload...

Anyway, we were given a hermit crab for Gavin's b-day last year. It took forever to find info about the care, et al of those little crustaceans. Lost a few along the way, but we persevered! The tanks they hold them in withe the wire are just ALL wrong for the little guys!

I remember meeting you around the time of your last days in high school! Time sure does fly!

sheila said...

#5 made me laugh out loud! ha ha ha! That was pretty funny. And my hubby would LOVE to show up anywhere in a golf cart! lol.

Nice post!

Patioboater said...

And let the record show that Shea now has a headstart on his own "seven weird things" list, since he has now attended his parents' wedding three times.

Usually you have to be a celebrity child of Hollywood to have a stat like that.

Anonymous said...

I'm am with you completely with the fish thing - no matter how it's cooked, it's not my gig - UNLESS - my sis or her hubs makes it AND it's wicked fresh - like, I caught it or I saw it swim recently. But once in a while, I do crave lobster!! MMMmmmm

Maybe I'll do this list thing too since I haven't posted in a bit.