Friday, January 9, 2009


Because, let's face it. If you're here, you're no doubt procrastinating doing something.


Edited to ask ~on a related sort of note~ am I the only one who still has a fully decorated Christmas tree in the living room? Just sort of wondering...


sheila said...

Nope, my trees down. lol. I like your little drummer girl in the clip. Is this your alarm clock? lol.

Patioboater said...

Our tree's still up. But it comes down this evening. It was awfully pretty. I'll miss it.

speedymac77 said...

My tree was shedding so it came down the day after Christmas! It was sad but it had to go.

LOVE the little drummer - what are you saying or doing to make her do that?

AdkJen said...

Atlee is so adorable!

Our tree is still up, but then again it is up all year long.
No, really, its a fica in a very large container. Well, we do take off all of the ornaments - and that has yet to happen this year, truth be told.

Daclaren said...

Woohoo...future girl drummer!

At least she has a real drum, which isn't quite as hard on your ears as what I used to do. When I was preschool-aged, I used to turn our metal trash cans upside-down in the backyard and bang on them with sticks. Yeah, when it came time to sign up for band, you know which instrument I picked. ;)