Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Neuter Update...

You want a virtual cupcake, don't you? I know you do. Calorie free even. Well, there's a few ways to get one, but the easiest is to scroll down to the bottom and donate to the Neuter Rich fund. A few things you people should know:

1- The average vasectomy in the US costs between $500-$1000.

2- My biological timeclock has started screaming for number four. It's not pretty.

3- So far, we have a total of $78.48. That's due to generous gifts from Phil and Kelly, Happy, my brother John and Adam. That's not going to buy Rich a lot of anesthetic people.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm - cup cake. I'm totally entranced! Chocolate cake that I didn't have to make to enjoy...MMmmm - you've got me, Sue. Now what do you want? Money? I can return bottles and donate said money to Rich's "problem". Does that work?

Are you knitting this winter?

Anonymous said...

Why am I not in your blog roll??

Is Rich demanding cappuccinos and food?

What about ME? (I'm so needy!)