Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Post That's Not About Neutering Rich...

At one point this week, I looked into our bathroom and saw this:

Eeeeeek!!!! There's a big open hole in the floor where the potty used to be. What's going on around here? Where'd the potty go?

Oh, wait. Here it is. In the shower.

And I started thinking maybe Rich and I needed to discuss our home improvement project plans a little more. I don't recall the plan to combine the potty and the shower into one unit.

But, wait. What's that over there? It's tile! It's tile! It's tile!

Be happy the pictures are this clear. It's difficult to get good pictures when you're so busy hopping up and down with excitement.

In other news, Greeley can't be bothered to walk any more. Luckily her sturdy mule is happy to carry her upstairs, downstairs and all around.


City Mouse said...

"I don't recall the plan to combine the potty and the shower into one unit."

Now that I know a little bit about RVs ... I'm frightened to report that shower/pot combinations actually do exist.

AND - The Google word verification that I am looking at right now is the word "neuter," and I am completely serious.

daddy said...

I think it would actually be handy...imagine the time it would save. Except I guess the TP would get all wet.

sheila said...

How nice! (the new bath!) Cute mule! lol

Anonymous said...

OMG - I want a mule!! My wee one is closing in on 30 pounds!

Your bidet looks amazing!!

Monique said...

I'm sort of glad you're off the subject of neutering Rich. I found it a bit... uncomfortable. Plus, based on your production so far, you guys do make some superior kids!

Love the tile!
Have fun in the snow this weekend.