Sunday, December 28, 2008

On The Road

Look! It's a picture of Greeley. It doesn't relate to any sort of story or anything, but that's what I've got on the road. Most people probably remembered to take the camera out of the diaper bag to capture all of those Christmas memories. Not me. Wait. Wait. Greeley's holding a toy camera... I'm talking about forgetting the camera. Yeah, I totally meant to do that.

I haven't forgotten about all of you, I promise. We're off to New Hampshire tomorrow to greet the New Year. After that we'll be back in Gettysburg where I can resume my leisurely life of blog reading and bon bon eating.

But I want to hear from all of you, so...tell me.... what was your favorite Christmas present this year?


City Mouse said...

Hmm. Probably the wok I got.

(Easy to please.)

sheila said...

My 16 yr old daughter wishes she had a cool name like Greely.

My favorite gift was my new camera and a tea infuser ball. (easy to please, lol)

ADKMac said...

My favorite part was taking the shedding tree down! Horrible, isn't it? BUT I then have tons of room to install baby tent WITH tunnels!

You should see my blog - oh-so pretty! But still a work in progress, of course.

AdkJen said...

I got a new camera! And hearing my boys say they didn't need any more toys was a gift I'll treasure until next Christmas... That and my youngest saying that he wishes everyone to be happy and healthy for Christmas was priceless. Ah, life is SO goo!

AdkJen said...

Life id good. That's what I *meant* to say!

Sorry we missed your visit locally, Sue! Perhaps we'll catch you in April down your way?

AdkJen said...

Ahh ...need to REALLY proof read, sorry! There's no bailey's in my coffee either - no excuses at all! LOL