Saturday, December 13, 2008

Have You Ever?

Have you ever had an outstanding Christmas Party? And at the end of the outstanding Christmas Party- a friend, who has perhaps had too much to drink, sees your computer with its annoying little viruses that you've learned to live with and that friend says, "Oh I can fix that!"? And then your computer- the one that you love and cherish and without it you feel like an isolated frontierswoman on the prairie a hundred years ago- it seizes up like a car engine that's never seen a drop of oil and stops working for a week? No? I don't really recommend the experience.

Because then you have to be fortunate enough to have another friend who knows an awful lot about computers considering he doesn't work in the computer field come over and spend a few hours fixing the problem. And he might mention along the way that he told you after the last incident-the one that cost you $250 and the computer still wasn't ever quite right- to start backing up your information. Like, at least your husband's business information. And you didn't.

On a slightly different note, I learned this morning that my friend Gretchen has joined an exclusive group of North Country residents. I belong to the group. It's the "A Tree Landed In/On My Car and Destroyed it During an Ice Storm" group. I'm actually a two-time member. Do you belong?


Deanna said...

I don't belong to that group, but I do belong to the "I Was Out of Power for 6 Long Days in January in Upstate NY Because of an Ice Storm" group. I became a member in 1998. I don't want to be a member of that group ever again. Thank goodness this last storm was not like that for us. I certainly feel for those folks that were hit hard.
Glad to see you're back on line.

Tracey said...

At least it was a good party, right?

I do not belong. Pity...

sheila said...

Sounds like we have friends in common. lol.

The only party I've belonged to recently is the two water main breaks on my street and they don't bother to notify you when you'll be without water for 6 hours til they fix it party.

Hopefully your party will be over soon. That really stinks. Ice storms suck.

Anonymous said...

I don't belong to that club, yet. Nor so I belong to the club of "I was at a complete stop and the deer hit me". My hubby is a proud member and renews that membership at least 5 times a year.

I do belong to the "I got hit by a drunk tractor trailer" club - I'm the only surviving member.

Sounds like your party rocked!

City Mouse said...

I don't belong to the tree club, but my neighbor does. That was the last day that I complained that we are the only property in the Adirondacks without any decent sized trees.

Betsy said...

No, I do not belong to that particular group, but I DO belong to the "I hit ANOTHER deer" group. Hope you don't have to join that one any time soon!!